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Family committee of West Bank detainees holds Abbas responsible for life of Natsha

[ 20/04/2011 – 09:55 AM ] Al-KHALIL, (PIC)– The family committee of West Bank prisoners held de facto president Mahmoud Abbas and Al-Khalil governor Kamel Khalil fully responsible for the life of senior Hamas official Nabil Al-Natsha who suffers from cancer in the neck. Natsha is one of the most prominent national figures in Al-Khalil […]

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Local source: PA security men took part in Al-Khalil assassination operation

[ 10/10/2010 – 05:50 PM ]   Al-KHALIL, (PIC)– Palestinian local sources identified security men in civilian clothes from the Palestinian Authority who participated in the Israeli military operation that happened on Friday in Al-Khalil city and led to the assassination of resistance fighters Nash’at Al-Karmi and Mamoun Al-Natsha. The sources told the Palestinian information center […]

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Bahar calls on Abbas to stop security teamwork with Israel

[ 09/10/2010 – 08:29 AM ]   GAZA, (PIC)– PLC first deputy speaker Dr. Ahmed Bahar called on Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas to make “a daring national resolution to stop security cooperation with Israel before it’s to late”. He said in a statement on Friday: “To continue to engage in security cooperation with Israel […]

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