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Israeli study concludes that it’s necessary to lift the Gaza siege

MEMO | July 26, 2012 Researchers at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) have advised Israeli politicians to allow the opening of the Rafah Crossing and lift the Gaza siege to avoid a potential military confrontation with Egypt. The study, which was conducted by senior academic researchers from various disciplines, is based on an […]

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Anti-normalization: a necessary part of BDS-campaigning ~ by @docjazzmusic

10 October 2011  | Docjazz.com|  Dr. Tariq Shadid |  by Doc Jazz – Some people have been wondering why the word ‘normalization’ is being used by pro-Palestine movements more and more frequently. Many seem to be puzzled by this word, not knowing exactly what is meant by it. What probably strikes them the most is […]

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