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#VIDEO | Lia Tarachansky: Israeli Defense Minister rumored cooling on attacking Iran

The Real News | Sept 10, 2012 Reports in Israeli press suggest Netanyahu’s main supporter on attacking Iran may be backing off According to local press, the Israeli leadership has been “climbing down from the tree” this week with a distinct change in tone from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding attacking Iran. The change in […]

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Spiegel: Israel’s deployment of nuclear missiles on subs from Germany

5 June 2012 | Israeli Occupation Archives Made in Germany: Israeli Dolphin-Class nuclear-weapon capable submarine Spiegel International – 4 June 2012 http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/israel-deploys-nuclear-weapons-on-german-built-submarines-a-836784.html The Spiegel’s special report on Israel’s German-made nuclear-capable Dolphin class submarines: Many have wondered for years about the exact capabilities of the submarines Germany exports to Israel. Now, experts in Germany and Israel […]

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