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Marches in Gaza in solidarity with Egyptian people

Al Qassam website | 18-08-2013,09:22 Gaza- Scores of Palestinian citizens went on marches in the Gaza Strip in protest at the killing of pro-Morsi protestors in Cairo. The marches were organized at the invitation of facebook youth groups in Gaza. Outside Al-Awda Mosque in Jabaliya refugee camp, tens of thousands of Palestinian young men rallied […]

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Crushed Ice in Nuseirat: My Gaza Refugee Camp Revisited – by Ramzy Baroud

Kids in Nuseirat. (Photo: John Harvey) By Ramzy Baroud – Gaza ‘Do you remember Mahmoud?’ asked Abu Nidal, my neighbor from nearly 20 years ago, when I lived in Gaza. “Yes, of course, I do,” I answered. I remembered him as yet another troublemaking child among the Nuseirat Refugee Camp’s numerous rabble-rousers. He was defined […]

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