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#OpenRafahBorder | Hundreds of Palestinians storm the Rafah Crossing: A personal account from Gaza

September 29, 2013 · by palestinesolidaritycampaign | Chat2Gaza Hundreds of students stormed the Palestinian side of the Rafah Crossing with Egypt today, furious and desperate at being sealed off in the Strip when they have places to study at universities abroad. The new semester began a week ago at universities across the globe but Palestinian […]

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| #OpenRafahBorder | Government appeals to Egypt to open Rafah to avoid a disaster

Al Qassam Website | 30-09-2013,08:47 The Palestinian government appealed to the Egyptian authorities to take into account the conditions of the besieged people in the Gaza Strip and open the Rafah crossing. Kamel Abu Madi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior in Gaza, in a press conference held on Sunday afternoon at the Rafah crossing […]

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#OpenRafahBorder Now! Huwaidi: Zionist enemy only beneficiary from Gaza tunnel demolitions

[ PIC 13/09/2013 – 01:23 PM ] CAIRO, (PIC)– Prominent Egyptian intellectual and writer Fahmi Huwaidi expressed anxiety that the present Egyptian authorities are dealing with the residents of the Sinai as guilty rather than innocent, by force rather than law, by reaction rather than wisdom in a way which would turn the Sinai into […]

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