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Israeli party pulls ‘What, you’re not Jewish?’ TV ad

Maan News Agency | Jan 10, 2013 JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Complaints by Russian-speaking immigrants prompted an ultra-Orthodox party in Israel to pull a TV commercial plugging their election campaign which shows a man recoiling in horror at discovering his bride is not Jewish. In the advert, a Russian-accented bride receives a faxed certificate during her […]

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Jerusalem Post’s Self-Censorship Protects Leading Religious Leader, Cleanses Israeli Racism ~ by @Richards1052

Richard Silverstein | Tikun Olam | December 20, 2012 The lady–and the article–vanishes Mysterious censored Jerusalem Post article This post began the way a good number of them do: an enterprising Israeli noticed a newspaper article had been available online for an hour or a day or a year and then, all of a sudden, it […]

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