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Int’l campaign blames world silence for persistent IOA practices against MPs

[ 05/03/2012 – 05:36 PM ] GAZA, (PIC)– The international campaign for the release of Palestinian MPs detained in Israeli jails has blamed the world’s silence over the Israeli occupation authority’s persistence in its detention of Palestinian lawmakers. The campaign said in a statement on Monday commenting on the IOA renewal of MP Mahmoud Al-Ramahi’s […]

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OCHA: Jewish settlers persistent in their attacks on Palestinian property

“Not only the trees, rather whoever breaks vessels and rents garments, destroys a building and obstructs a wellspring, or wastes food in a destructive way transgresses the mitzvah of “Bal Tashchit” (“don’t destroy”)…” (Rambam, Mishna Torah, Hilchot Melachim 6:10)   [ 07/08/2011 – 01:13 PM ] RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The UN office for the coordination of […]

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