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The Veritas Handbook : The HOWTO Get Rid of Israeli Hasbara ( Propaganda ) Guide – free download

No Walls Can Silence Our Voices The Veritas Handbook has one goal: to expose the truth and to educate the masses by educating ourselves. We are devoted to ensuring the elimination of oppression and the establishment of justice for peoples of the world in their common struggle against racism, marginalization, colonialism, and ethnic cleansing. The […]

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Grains of sand: perspectives on roles of Israel and USA in Middle East

By Paul J. Balles 16 January 2011 Paul J. Balles highlights six writers whose work in the alternative media has brought important perspectives to one major issue: Israel and the role of America in the Middle East. In an article entitled “Weapons of mass deception“, I suggested that there has been too much control of […]

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