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Jonathan Pollak’s life partner: Israel may turn into one big prison

Wednesday, January 12 2011|+972blog Jonathan Pollak’s life partner: Israel may turn into one big prison The night that Jonathan Pollak was sentenced to three months in jail, I dreamed that I was thrown in jail too. That dream was probably partly a manifestation of the deep connection that all long-term couples feel; but it was […]

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Israeli activist to judge: “I won’t ask for leniency or express remorse”

Tel Aviv, 27 December 2010. On the day that marks the second anniversary of Israel’s three-week war on Gaza, also known as Operation Cast Lead, an Israeli activist was sentenced to three months in jail for protesting Israel’s military blockade and siege on the Palestinian territory. Jonathan Pollak, a political activist who is involved in […]

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PNN – Palestine News Network – Court to Rule on Charges against Israeli Activist Jonathan Pollak

21.12.10 – 10:57 Tal Aviv – PNN – The verdict in the case of Israeli activist Jonathan Pollak, charged with illegal assembly for his participation in a January 2008 Critical Mass ride against the siege on Gaza, will be handed down on December 27, 2010 at 10:00 at the Tel Aviv Magistrates Court. If convicted, […]

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