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Dozens of Settlers Storm south of Jenin, Solomon’s Pools

[ PIC 17/04/2013 – 12:26 PM ] JENIN, AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Dozens of Israeli settlers stormed on Tuesday the evacuated Homesh settlement south of Jenin and performed Talmudic rituals. Local sources confirmed that a bus carrying dozens of settlers, under the protection of Israeli soldiers, stormed the area and performed their religious rituals. The Israeli occupation […]

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Hundreds of settlers storm ancient pools in Bethlehem

[ PIC 31/03/2013 – 09:42 AM ] BETHLEHEM, (PIC)– Hundreds of Jewish settlers stormed the ancient Solomon Pools located between Artas and Al-Khader village, south of Bethlehem, on Sunday. Eyewitnesses told the PIC reporter that hundreds of settlers from Etzion settlement arrived to the site on foot under heavy Israeli military protection. They said that […]

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