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#Israel celebrates 64th Independance Day by arresting people for reading names of ethnic cleansed villages – incl Footage

Israeli (Thought) Police Besieging Zochrot Office on Israeli Independence-Nakba Day 2012 Apr 25, 2012 by JerusalemDay2011 On Israeli Independence Day, same day that marks the premeditated ethnic cleansing of ~700,000 Palestinians in order to create a Jewish majority by force, the Israeli police besieged the offices of Zochrot at the heart of Tel-Aviv in order […]

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Reading Between the Lines of Truce and Escalation in Gaza

12.04.11 – 12:49| PNN – Palestine News Network Fadi Abu Sa’da – PNN’s Editor in Chief – No one can ignore the atmosphere of chaos in fomenting in Israel when tension rose in the Gaza strip between the Israeli army and Palestinian resistance groups. It began with the myriad conflicting statements by Israeli politicians, which […]

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