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Borders Borders, An American Poem For You ~ by Chelli Stanley

Kawther Salam | Apr 8, 2013 ثوار سوريون دخلوا إسرائيل للعلاج وخرجوا عملاء ل – بني جانتس إقتراح موجه للأخوة السوريين By Chelli Stanley, an American woman in her late twenties who visited my occupied homeland Hebron, from where I was expelled by the Zionist Israeli occupation in 2002. Pictures Credit: CPT. When I went […]

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Bahrain: Protesters urge more pressure on rulers

17 February 2011, Thursday / AP, MANAMA Family and friends of Fadhel al-Matrook, a protester who was killed on Tuesday during clashes with the police, walk alongside his coffin on the way to his funeral. Protesters demanding sweeping political reforms from Bahrain’s rulers held their ground Wednesday in an Egypt-style occupation of the capital’s landmark […]

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Palestinian scholars call on new Egyptian rulers to end Gaza siege

[ 12/02/2011 – 03:47 PM ]   GAZA, (PIC)– The Palestinian Scholars Association, which tackles national issues from a religious perspective, congratulated the Egyptians on their removal of “the tyranny and injustice of the former Egyptian regime” led by ousted president Hosni Mubarak, calling on the new government to make serious changes for the better. […]

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