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Under the Spell of Israel

Posted by attendingtheworld on Friday, February 25, 2011 at 11:43 pm. As Israel carries out their illegal US funded attacks on civilian populations in Gaza, we look back at the origin of Israel, which is rooted in violence and racism; and the video, Who Were the First Terrorists in the Middle East? When Gilad Atzmon […]

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Did Sarah Palin borrow the term ‘blood libel’ from Israeli discourse?

Saturday, January 15 2011|Roi Maor Did Sarah Palin borrow the term ‘blood libel’ from Israeli discourse? Sarah Palin, an American conservative celebrity, has used the term ‘blood libel’ to tar critics of her incendiary rhetoric, following a deadly shooting in the US. Did she borrow the phrase from Israeli discourse? Here, it stands for the […]

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