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Howto lie yourself into a scholarship – Hasbara Style!

Aug 15, 2013 | by @occpal While one must never lie on an application form,  Israel is now luring students with grants for it’s renewed hasbara (propaganda) campaign. Again. Instantly pops up the question…..: What the heck happened to the 1.6 Million USD they pumped in in 2011 to create the new media warriors??? Who […]

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US withdraws scholarships to Gaza students

Al Akhbar English | Monday, October 15, 2012 The American Consulate in Jerusalem has withdrawn scholarships awarded to students in Gaza to study in the United States after Israel announced it would deny them permission to travel outside the coastal enclave, the Associated Press reported Monday. “Under Israeli pressure, US officials have quietly canceled a […]

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Message to the world from Ahmad Mesleh

Every day when the sun rises, we open our eyes and start thinking: What are we going to do today? Did we achieve our dreams? Did we get what we want? Or … did I make every possible effort to fulfill my wishes? I am not different from other people: I’m human, I breathe, I […]

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