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Israel Committing Genocide Again: Operation S.S. (S)corching (S)ummer – In Pictures

While the world remains silent, the media is biased, Israel is committing it’s next warcrime while UN, US, EU and whatever organisations as even the media is silencing the current events which have all characteristics of the previous war on Gaza “Cast Lead” in 2008/2009. Again, Israel seems to go unpunished for it’s atrocties and […]

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Israel Announces on Channel 2 Attacks on Gaza will resume Tonight

Israel have just announced that "Operation Scorching Summer" will resume tonight. The UN have evacuted all their… http://fb.me/Hs8xUi5c — Gaza TV News (@GazaTVNews) April 7, 2011 Related Four notes on “Scorching Summer” | +972 Magazine Gaza Under Attack | April 8, 2011 ISRAEL USING WHITE PHOSPHORUS AGAIN – DEATHTOLL RAISED TO 18 MARTYRS | April […]

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