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Shurat HaDin Claims Responsibility for Deceiving Greek Authorities

by M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D. Salem-News.com | June 27, 2011 A report from the crew of The Audacity of Hope, just a few hours ago, informed that the crew felt confident the Greek authorities would release their ship Tuesday. Courtesy: NLN (WINDSOR, N.H.) – Last Thursday, it was learned that an “anonymous” complaint regarding the […]

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Israel Law Center behind harassment of flotilla funded by homophobic End Timer Pastor John Hagee

On 06.27.11, By Max Blumenthal | maxblumenthal.com Pastor John Hagee is a major financial supporter of Shurat Hadin, the Israel Law Center behind the legal campaign against the Gaza Freedom Flotilla On June 24, Joseph Dana, a journalist who will traveling aboard the US boat to Gaza, discovered that an anonymous private legal complaint had […]

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