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Taher al-Nunu: Electricity crisis is caused by occupation

Deprivation policies kill more people, than any weapon of Israel has killed so far. Deliberate deprivation causing excess death was the cause of death of 1 Million Jewish people in the Holocaust. Yet this world refuses to act against an even bigger genocide: Violent caused death and those slayed by proxy: The Palestinian Genocide [ […]

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Israel‘s Formula for a Starvation Diet : How 400 Trucks to Feed Gaza Became Just 67 ~ by Jonathan Cook

Note by occpal: Near Starvation Policies Silenced by media in 2010 (Source) Jonathan Cook |  Dissident Voice | October 24th, 2012 Six and a half years go, shortly after Hamas won the Palestinian national elections and took charge of Gaza, a senior Israeli official described Israel’s planned response. “The idea,” he said, “is to put […]

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