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#GazaUnderAttack| UNICEF: 400,000 children in Gaza suffer trauma

[ PIC 06/08/2014 – 02:39 PM ] GENEVA, (PIC)– Pernille Ironside, head of the field office run by the UN children’s agency in Gaza, confirmed that more than 400 children have been killed in Israel’s aggression on Gaza, and almost 400,000 others are traumatized and face an “extraordinarily bleak” future. Ironside pointed out that rebuilding […]

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▶ #GazaUnderAttack| Imagine… That This Would Be Your Child! – In Pictures

by @occpal | July 29, 2014 | Last Update Aug 21, 2014 No words needed Just watch… And imagine this would be your child You would fight You would resist You would pray that The world wakes up That the world would act To end the genocide Share to end the ignorance These are children […]

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♻ Missing Persons List Egypt ♻

Missing Persons List Egypt | #Egypt #Jan25 Please Update if you know anyone missing and please spread the list ♻ @butheina: Google doc for missing persons in #Egypt. Updateif you know anyone missing http://bit.ly/ij15vT cc: @alaa @Dima_Khatib #jan25 — Alaa Abd El Fattah (@alaa) January 31, 2011 Related How to make a Tear Gas Mask […]

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