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The Flotilla and the Jewish Stereotype ~ by Amira Hass

Outsourcing, aggressive and vocal diplomacy and ridiculous lies thwarted the flotilla, but they have not taken Gaza off the international agenda. Haaretz | Amira Hass | July 7, 2011 CRETE – Like an anti-Semitic caricature, Israel has extended its long tentacles around the globe in an effort to stop 10 decades-old ships from sailing to […]

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Arresting elderly Mothers? Israel fails to respect mothers, contrary to Jewish stereotype

May 24, 2011 | Al Bawaba A religious culture that adulates the mother figure, Judaism is known in popular culture for its strong Jewish Mother, founded on theological precepts that follow the maternal bloodline. The Israeli states unlike regional neighbours grants citizenship through the maternal line. Israel detains mother of senior Hamas official Arresting an […]

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