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NAM: Towards Breaking Western Stranglehold of Power

Palestine Chronicle | Sept 3, 2012 | Ismail Salami – Tehran Despite the West’s deliberate inattention to and willful disregard for Non-Aligned Movement Summit in Tehran, there is no denying the fact that the summit has occasioned extreme chagrin in Washington and Israel and that dialogue among civilizations in achieving global peace is still a […]

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The Palestinian Authority must get its act together

[ 13/07/2011 – 09:57 PM ] By Khalid Amayreh The Palestinian Authority (PA) has never been a truly honorable and dignified entity where excesses and flaws are the exception rather than the norm. As a deformed child of the infamous Oslo Accords, the PA continues to encapsulate all the disfigurements and abnormalities inherent in the […]

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