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Cartoon – Obama ‘s (dead) body surfing – Osama #OBL by Carlos Lattuf

#Cartoon – #Obama’s (dead) body surfing – #Osama #OBL  by Carlos And as it seems, news travels fast, the picture of Osama Bin Laden is a fake and the death persons picture was circulating on the web for OVER 2 years. Osama bin Laden corpse photo is fake | guardian | May 2, 2011 Picture […]

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Bring Surfing to the People of the Gaza Strip

Tim King and Ken O’Keefe Salem-News.com Your chance to help people live like you. Ken O’Keefe and friends on the beach in Gaza (SALEM / GAZA CITY) – We always try to bring our readers stories about surfing; but seldom are they like this article, where Gaza Correspondent Ken O’Keefe, reminds us of the incredible […]

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