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Their Blood Is Not Just On Breivik’s Hands [Satire] | Sabbah Report

  WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE By Mantiq al-Tayr * | Sabbah Report | http://www.sabbah.biz 1. As is usually the case all of the experts on terrorism and all the Islam-hating bigots were wrong. Sometimes I am not even sure which group is the more loathsome and of course there is considerable overlap between the two. And […]

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Breivik’s Neo-Nazi Manifesto, Latter-Day Mein Kampf ~ by Richard Silverstein

July 24, 2011 | Tikun Olam-תיקון עולם: Make the World a Better Place Hitler had his Jewish problem. Anders Breivik, his Muslim problem. The more I read of Breivik’s manifesto, A European Declaration of Independence, the more it appears to me a latter-day version of Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Remember that when the dictator-to-be wrote his […]

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