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Blame the Gazans – Punish Them ~ by Mohammed Suliman

Mohammed Suliman | 08/19/2011  | The Electronic Intifada According to the Palestine Papers, Saeb Erekat, the so-called chief Palestinian negotiator, once stated, “”If someone sneezes in Tel Aviv, I get the flu in Jericho.” That was probably the only thing that makes sense Erekat every said regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Except it wasn’t actually true, unless […]

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Knesset passes segregation law: Palestinian Israelis are not allowed to live on land confiscated from them

  Tuesday, March 22 2011| Roi Maor | + 972 Magazine The Knesset passed a segregation bill today. Palestinian Israelis are not allowed to live in Jewish localities built on land confiscated from them. Government policy also makes sure they cannot build on the little private land that was left in their ownership. How long […]

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