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Flush it Joe!

…first Toilets are being Flushed during an Interview Izzie in HolyLand – Part 20: Lieberman “stools” to new low …than Media Caught it of course Israeli minister talks live … from the toilet | Maan | April 12, 2011 Lieberman flushes toilet during interview | Live from the Bathroom | Ynet | April 12, 2011 […]

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Israeli minister talks live … from the toilet

April 12, 2011 JERUSALEM (AFP) — Israeli officials often conduct radio interviews at home, but listeners got an unexpected insight into just where their foreign minister was when he punctuated his comments with a toilet flush. Israeli news site Ynet reported Tuesday that the unusual soundtrack to foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman’s interview came as he […]

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The Israeli Culture Of Drinking Urine

By Kawther Salam • Dec 9th, 2010 at 23:22 • Category: Children’s Corner Issa Qaraqe’e, the Palestinian Minister of Detainee Affairs, revealed that Israeli soldiers urinated on two Palestinian minors who they had kidnapped, then jailed, forced to drink urine from a toilet, tortured and filmed while they were completely naked. Minister Qaraq’e said that […]

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