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Abu Hamdeyya (suffering from cancer) falls unconscious at Eishel jail

Al Qassam Brigades Website | 30-03-2013,07:44 AL-KHALIL – The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) in the al-Khalil district said that captive Maysarah Abu Hamdeyya on Thursday fell unconscious at Eishel jail in Beersheba and lost all ability to move as he suffers from cancer. According to PPS sources a state of unrest prevails amongst the Palestinian […]

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#Israel slams #Palhunger striker Hassan Safadi’s head against steel door until unconsciousness

Al Akhbar Thursday, August 16, 2012 A Palestinian hunger striker in Israel’s Ramleh prison was knocked unconscious by prison guards earlier this week in the most recent abuse of prisoners, a coalition of human rights groups said on Thursday. Hassan Safadi, who has gone 57 days without food, had his head slammed against the steel […]

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