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‪The Mystery (اللغز)‬‏ For All the Freedom Fighters by @GazaYBO – video

The song is performed by the newly created GYBO rap team and it’s dedicated to all the freedom fighters world wide, to all those who raised the palestinian flag to face zionism and specially to the passengers of the flotilla1, flotila2, flytilla, viva palestina convoys, road to hope convoy, Africa to Gaza, Asia to gaza […]

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Stay Human convoy enters Gaza | Vik2Gaza

12 May 2011 | Vik2Gaza | International Solidarity Movement Vittorio waves the Palestinian flag on a boat off the coast of Gaza. After leaving Cairo this morning at dawn, the 80 activists of the ‘Restiamo Umani’ convoy have entered Gaza at 4pm after crossing five Egyptian check-points. The convoy will remain in the Gaza strip […]

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