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Resisting Voices

by Stay Human Convoy / May 16th, 2011 | Dissident Voice Getting to know Gaza In the north-eastern zone of the city, Palestinian youths tell us stories about those infamous days in December 2008, when the Israeli army began its Operation ‘Cast Lead’. The landscape in front of us bears witness to the devastation the […]

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Majority of Palestinian Voices Still Being Ignored

At the heart of Palestine’s struggle is the refugee case. By Rich Wiles A quick search for ‘Palestine’ on Amazon.com (the world’s biggest book retailer) reveals over 15,000 available entries. There is clearly no shortage of literature on the subject, much as thereis no shortage of discussion or opinion around the world. Many of the […]

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Spin’s “senior source” revealed: Who briefed the rightist bloggers?

Tuesday, January 4 2011|Yossi Gurvitz The IDF speaks in two voices in the Jawaher Abu Rahmah affair – because it knows its case is week Last night (Monday) the IDF went on a coordinated media offensive against the Bil’in activists and the Abu Rahmah family, claiming not only wasn’t Jawaher Abu Rahmah killed as a […]

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