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What Surprises Await Our Warmongers in the Gulf? – by Stuart Littlewood

Palestine Chronicle March 1 2012  Stuart Littlewood The most important thing I’ve read these last few days is the excellent article ‘Armageddon Approaches’ by Dr Lasha Darkmoon, a cautionary piece which points the reader towards some very scary background information. For example, according to Russ Winter of The Wall Street Examiner, Iran’s Sunburn missiles, acquired […]

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Warmongers Eager for More Blood-letting ~ by Stuart Littlewood

  By Stuart Littlewood| Nov 8, 2011 | Palestine Chronicle You can read about it on a British government website. ‘The UK and many other countries have serious concerns about the Iranian Government’s policies,’ says the Foreign Office, ‘its failure to address serious international concerns about its nuclear programme; its support for terrorism and promotion […]

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