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DEAR UMMAH: TIME2ACT! Israel soldiers force Muslim to drink wine at gunpoint

Reported by Maan News Agency | June 12, 2013 HEBRON (Ma’an) — Israeli intelligence officers forced a Palestinian man from Beit Ummar to drink wine at gunpoint on Tuesday evening, a local committee spokesman said.An Israeli military patrol stopped Muhammad Khalil Abu Dayyah, 24, from the Safa neighborhood near Beit Ummar and forced him into […]

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Immodest dressed Israeli drink wine, smoke and desecrate Beersheba mosque compounds | VIDEO

خمور وعراة في باحة مسجد بئر السبع | Safa.Ps Sep 6, 2012 by safappa تواصل وكالة “صفا” متابعتها لاقتحام مئات الإسرائيليين لباحة مسجد بئر السبع الكبير مساء الأربعاء، وبعد الصور الحصرية تنشر الوكالة فيديو خاص يوضح اقتحام هؤلاء للمسجد واحتسائهم كؤوس الخمر عكس الاتفاق الذي أبرم بعدم دخول الخمور للمسجد. http://safa.ps/details/news/86644 وقال مراسل (صفا) إن […]

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Jewish extremists drink wine in Al-Aqsa Mosque compound

  Thursday, 09 June 2011 15:45| MEMO A large group of extremist Jews stormed into the occupied Old City and marched in the vicinity of the mosque’s gates. Palestinians in Jerusalem and Israel have denounced the desecration of the Noble Sanctuary of Al-Aqsa by Jewish extremists, who drank bottles of wine in the courtyard of […]

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