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World Zionist Organization funneled NIS 400,000 into infrastructure work at illegal West Bank outpost

Al Ray Agencies | Aug 19, 2013 Jerusalem, Alray – The World Zionist Organization’s Settlement Division has financed NIS 400,000 worth of infrastructure work in the West Bank outpost of Negohot, even though the work was carried out without building permits. Negohot, located in the western Hebron Hills, was built on the ruins of an […]

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Israel: The last surviving heirs to the dreadful racist heritage ~ by Prof. Lawrence Davidson

By Lawrence Davidson | Nov 28, 2012 | Sabbah Report Genocidal Yearnings Some History By the middle of the 19th century the multi-ethnic empire was on its way out as the dominant political paradigm in Europe. Replacing it was the nation-state, a political form which allowed the concentration of ethnic groups within their own political […]

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