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Yousef Al-Helou: The Israeli Escalation is to Sabotage Unity

11.04.11 – 17:55 | PNN – Palestine News Network Bethlehem- C. Martín/PNN Exclusive – Yousef Al-Helou is a Gazan journalist and PressTV correspondent. His reporting during the Operation Cast Lead exposed to the world the real dimmension of the War on Gaza and its aftermath for the civil population. Yousef covering the Israeli war on […]

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An interview with Yousef Al-Helou – video | PSC, London March 31, 2011

Yousef Al-Helou, a journalist from Gaza, talks about the recent Israeli attacks which killed three members of his family, his hopes for the ending of the illegal siege and what it means to be Palestinian. Interview with Amena Saleem | Palestine Solidarity Campaign     </eM Source

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