Hasbara for Dummies – Insulting Our Intelligence

Hasbara for Dummies – Insulting Our Intelligence
By Ofer Neiman
Jewish Peace News

The following Haaretz report, quoting Gretta Duisenberg`s statement `…I am almost proud to be called `antisemitic` `, as `proof` that antisemitism is rampant in Europe, raises an interesting question: Do pillars of Israel`s Hasbara (propaganda) community regard prominent European anti-apartheid/anti-occupation activists as fools (and even complete morons), or do these pillar-figures take us all (not just Haaretz`s gullible staff) for fools? Well, interesting nuances…

A suggested answer: The aforementioned European activists are intelligent (not to mention conscientious) people, and when irrelevant insults are constantly hurled at them for their international-law based criticism of Israeli policies, they will eventually say:
`Look, I am tired of having to prove to you that I am not antisemitic. If my criticism amounts to antisemitism, in your perverted view, just carry on with this charade`.

Fellow Israeli citizens have sent the following letter to Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld, the `antisemite-hunter` mentioned in the article. Perhaps one day he will care to reply.

Ofer Neiman


Dear Dr. Gerstenfeld,



When `antisemitic` is the label people like you choose to attach to decent activists who are vehemently opposed to Israel`s apartheid and occupation policies, this label becomes a badge of honor. This is our view, and to the best of our knowledge, this is also what Ms. Duisenberg stated.

Demagoguery will erode the true meaning of antisemitism, and that, we believe, is not in our best interest.


מגזין הכיבוש Source:  Occupation Magazine.

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