Palestinians & Occupation | Black & White – in pictures

Palestinian Elderly man showing his Palestinian Passport

Beautiful... Palestinian Woman

Palestinian Youth - Detained by IOA

Israeli soldiers in action armed unto teeth against non-armed Palestinians - Occupation

Israeli soldiers in action armed unto teeth against non-armed Palestinians - Occupation

Terrifying the children of Palestine

Child holding a bullet. IOA Often leaves behind ordnances too in hope Palestinian children play with them and injure, or even kill themselves - Apartheid

Daily Harrassement, humiliation, violence, torture and even death... Checkpoints in the West Bank - Palestine

Couple walking at a checkpoint while Israeli soldier keeps monitoring

Detained at Checkpoint

Youth held up at a Machsom (Checkpoint)

Soldier with rifle, finger on the trigger while unarmed civilians pass the checkpoint

Bars, anywhere bars at one of over 600 checkpoints in the West Bank, restricting daily movement , economy and lives, even hindering heatlhcare, medics and patients for treatment.

Palestinian man at a checkpoint

Palestinian man, holding his little daughter at a checkpoint

Fences and bars, everywhere in Palestine. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states: Art. 13:1 (1) "Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state ".... Not in Palestine

Palestinian Woman argueing with a soldier while the little child is afraid. Is this what the world want to continue and sustain. Almost 90 % of Palestinian Children suffer of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, due to the continuous oppression, violence, attacks and more evil the occupation does to them.

Palestine in Pieces - Woman at checkpoint negotiating. Standard IOA policy: Make them tired. Silence them, if not detain and harrass some more.

Israeli soldiers detain an unarmed civilian

Israeli soldiers taking a Palestinian Youth

Israeli soldiers and a child arrest. In 1 year over 1500 children detained in West Bank Palestine, while the world is wide asleep and ignoring or silencing these atrocities of mankind and violations of the Universal Rights of the Child. Ongoing. Every day. Even today.

Israeli soldier with dog. Here it is secured for safety, but too often send to attack civilians, women and even children

The world most "moral" army...

Destroying systematically Palestinian Homes. Forget all details. It is all about Ethnic cleansing. Over 500 villages have been wiped off the map since 1948 and in ongoing and upgoing speed Palestinians are evicted out of their homes to be occupied by settlers, elsewhise demolished

Gaza, the Aftermath after the "Cast Lead" offensive by Israel. Over 1400 people died in 22 days, and many residential buildings is worlds largest and dense populated open air prison were, and are still demolished.

Another house demolition. Often the owner of the house even gets the bill for demolition. A Magnum Opus of Apartheid. The West Bank has been occupied by the Israel authorities since 1967. Aqaba, like 60 per cent of the West Bank, is classified as "Area C" and no structure can be built or even repaired in "Area C" without a permit from the Israeli army. Permits are almost impossible to obtain.

Another home demolished, another family homeless. Ethnic cleansing in any possible way, destruction, depriving, restricting, if that does not work, restrict food until calories, destroy wells, or else, make them sick by throwing chemical weapons like white phosphorus or depleted uranium. Again.. the world is in silence

A Palestinian boy walks though the rubble of buildings after a bombing of Gaza

Demolition, visible everywhere in Palestine

Still the devastation in Gaza is visible due to restrictions of import of building and reconstruction materials.

Another home destroyed...

And another... No place in Gaza where the marks of aggressive disproportional attacks on civilian homes of Gazans by Israel are not visible

During the war on Gaza 2008-2009 codenamed "Operation Cast Lead" homes where indiscriminate attacked by fighterjets, tanks and naval vessels, among the victims over 300 children died

Home to a family once...

Buildings, scarved... due to bombing, shooting, shelling and debris

Ruins everywhere. Live goes on in Gaza while the only thing Palestinians can do is wait, for an end, pray the world awakens, intervenes to stop this, or.. more often and likely, wait for the next attack

Children playing in the rubble

Palestinians in a visible battered camp. Still a large part of the world is ignorant and believes there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza/Palestine. Witness yourself, if these are normal humanitarian circumstances according to 2011 standards.

People on the street, living on.... in oppression, occupation which is not only destroying their homes but lives too

Children in Dheisheh Camp located just south of Bethlehem in the West Bank of Palestine

A Palestinian child inside what was left of his bedroom, the walls marked by attacks. Is this what you would wish for your child?

Desperation in the eyes... which have never seen freedom or peace

And still smiling, even when life is hard. A woman. Palestinian. In a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon

Still remembering Home. A Palestinian man holding a key. A symbol for the Palestinian refugees who were exiled during the Nakba. Don't think it is about arab or Islam. Zionism has no religion. It is indiscriminate to religions, no divine ruling there. Also 100.000 Christians were exiled (or killed) during the Exodus by Israel in 1948: The Nakba (Catastrophe) and the 77 massacres to achieve the state of "Israel"

Still there is Love ❤ Palestine never gives up... Palestinians never will surrender to these atrocities they are undergoing now for over 63 years

The Palestinian pride is not to stop nor to annihilate. A Man wearing a traditional keffiyeh

But the children born in these circumstances never seen a normal life... it has to stop

It has to stop, children have to see their mothers, fathers, brothers or sisters, their loved ones being harrassed, violated or even killed. A Palestinian child witnesses many funerals. Just imagine for a second... what if this is would be YOUR child...

While the wall in Berlin was demolished decades ago, in Palestine they are erected every day even today. And bombed down again to be rebuild. Anything, to restrict the lives and humanity of Palestine

So Palestine literally diggs it's way out. A tunnel in Gaza

Palestinian activists dig a tunnel between Rafah and Egypt. These tunnels are a lifeline between Gaza and the outside world. They are several hundred meters long and run about 15 meters below the surface.

A tunnel worker in action. Endangering his life for basic neccesities or anything which is prohibited from entering Gaza. Even life cattle. During this work, many are killed. If it wasn't for occupation, he might be a teacher, a baker, an engineer.... Many well and high educated Palestinians in Gaza find no job and have to do this work as well to be able to take care of their families...

Hundreds got killed while working in the tunnels... While the world believes there is an ease on the siege on Gaza, the "daily" entry of truckloads of "aid", food and basic needs is just being further restricted. So fare the "Ease" on Gaza. May Allah SWT grant the shuhada Jannatul Firdaus and give them peace they never knew in this world. Ameen.

Others resist the occupation, the assassinations, the massacres. Palestine's Moqawama (Resistance) defending their county and their loved ones against the Israeli aggression.

Even the youth revolt. You would too if this was your life, your country, your family which you see devastated, demolished or killed, you would fight back too, even if you only have a stone... and no fear left for occupation took you beyond fear

Shabab (Youth) resisting

While others and press are hiding at a "safe" place. For "live" ammunition in Palestine used by Israeli soldiers is kind of a paradox. Their "rubber" coated bullets even penetrate skulls. Their tear gas is poisonous. On Jan 1st 2001, the first day of this year a woman Jawaher Abu Rahma was killed by the effects of the poisonous tear gas.

And get dragged away. Every week in the west bank numerous Palestinians as well as (international) solidarity activists who perform a non-violent protest are being attacked in disproportional ways. Detained and often without a trial emprisoned. This one dragged on the street. But in many places in Palestine, especially Silwan (Jerusalem) even little children are dragged out of their beds ... at night.. by occupying forces

Or attacked, targeted and shot. Even when it are unarmed. Protests in the West Bank and the continuous oppression of non-violent protests against the occupation and the apartheid wall. While the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states: UDHR Art. 20(1): "Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association." (Not in Palestine...)

International Activists chanting protests during the Olive harvest in Palestine. Many Internationals go to Palestine every year to accompany Palestinians get their crops, shield against violence but too often also being targeted themselves by (even infiltrated) soldiers in their efforts to onstruct the harvest of their food

For demonstrating against occupation is not allowed in Palestine and immediately oppressed. With all means possible. Detention, tear gas, bullets, violence, torture or even death. A protester, posing unarmed while being hunted down by a soldier

No, occupation does not want you to photograph their atrocities.... Imagine the world would see what REALLY happens, what is silenced, what is denied. You imagine it, it all happens in Palestine while you don't know or hear about it.

These eyes of this little child, have witnessed more violence than half the western world together, when will you wake up? When will you stand up against these crimes on humanity?

How long, children have to live like a refugee. The status of refugee is supposed to be a temporary one. Not 63 years. Palestine reality, even today since 63 years Palestinians are "detained" in camps. Here a child on his bike in Jabalia Refugee Camp riding along murals on a wall

How many more Palestinian women, have to mourn the loss of their loved ones... husbands, brothers, sisters, parents, or even their children...

Haj Sami Sadeq is a Palestinian community activist in Aqaba village in the Jordan Valley area of the Occupied West Bank. As head of the village council, he secured international funds and worked with villagers to build community structures, such as a medical centre. But, because the new buildings were built without permits from the Israeli military, they are at continued threat of demolition. Haj Sami Sadeq continues to face any challenges head on, energetically campaigning for his village and community. (Even in his wheelchair... the fight goes on for humanity)

For Palestine... In this picture beautiful Palestinian wildlife scene in Jenin, which has also witnessed massacre, death and destruction. Even today and ongoing...

For the Children... the refugees, and their Right to Return. Here a child in Shati refugee Camp in Gaza

Praying for freedom and Justice, even outside, for most Palestinians are prohibited or even hindered from getting access to mosques especially the entry to the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem

Most worshippers but anyone is in any way or for any possible imaginable reason held up at the checkpoints... In the picture a woman activist protesting the restrictions of movement and makes a peace sign with the hand towards soldiers

Graffiti behind barbed wire on the wall... "You must riot.. You must protest...." ... You should do as well

For this is Apartheid. Yes and even the women protest for Occupation has become worse, than those they hated and feared once themselves. Nazism anno 2011.

For the Children of Palestine and a humanitarian future...

So their children also can fly their kites in a normal environment... A Palestinian boy flies his kite through the streets of Khan Younis in south Gaza. Khan Younis, one of the most attacked and continuously bombed places on earth.

To stop the children get beaten up in stead. Violated, detained or even emprisoned. Hundreds of Child prisoners in Israeli Jails while their human rights are being violated and worse than that, severely are tortured. Children....

Nakba for 63 years now, mothers also were hoping the best for her children. What has the world done for them in those 63 years? And what will the world do for the children and babies of today?

Biddu, Palestine: The shadow of a young man throwing stones at Israeli Occupation Forces with a home-made sling during a protest in the West Bank village of Biddu. The people of Biddu were protesting the construction of the Apartheid Wall on their lands, and the Israeli soldiers had occupied the village to ensure that work continued on the Wall uninterrupted. How many more stones need to be thrown, while occupation thows chemical weapons on Palestinians. How many more "shots" are needed to wake up the world....?

Will he ever see the peace and tranquility of beautiful Palestine, he once witnessed for a short while when he was young? 63 years of apartheid and zionism....

For the historical Palestine now seems just a ghosts of the past ....

Or leveled what does remember people to it... until the soil and no trace of it remains visible for the world. Like it has never been there in the first place. Ethnical Cleansing going on every day in Palestine. The Zionist scheme is to go on until the "Greater Israel" is achieved, which means, from the Mediteranian Sea to the RIver Jordan. So in fact, nothing will remain of Palestine if you don't wake up and act.... Share the pictures, the word, the news for Palestine, the shildren and a future for mankind.


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