Crimes against Islam

by Saira W. Soufan

The Ibrahimi Mosque in Khalil has been built atop of a cave believed to hold the tombs of
Prophet Ibrahim,(Abraham) and his family. The cave is called the Cave of Machpela, which
is included in the piece of property believed to be the first piece of land bought by Prophet
Ibrahim. The mosque has been in existence since 1206 and resembles a fortress. It is full
of mosaics and multi colored marble floors and walls. Salah al Din al Ayyubbi brought
walnut pulpits for preaching and religious lessons from Egypt to the Ibrahimi Mosque.
Earthquakes and wars have taken their toll on the mosque during the Umayyed period but
renovations, along with further infrastructures were accomplished. The mosque includes a
school, a dike, a drinking fountain, a hospital for the mentally disabled and a mail center on
its grounds that were constructed during the Mamluk period.

The historic beauty and importance of the Ibrahimi Mosque was tainted when radical
settlers of the Kiryat Arba kibbutz, set upon the mosque in during the Friday prayers in
February 25th, 1994. Dr, Benjamin Goldstein, alias Barukh Goldstein, an American Jew,
born and educated in New York, led the attack upon hundreds of innocents in prayer. Men,
women, and children were attacked and fatally wounded or killed whilst concentrating upon
their subservience to God. When Barukh Goldstein entered, along with other settlers from
the kibbutz, they proceeded to fire high velocity machine guns upon the backs of the
kneeling persons in prayer. Over 300 persons were wounded and 48 dead on site of this
horrid massacre. Israeli Occupation Authorities closed the mosque after the massacre but
until now the settlers have not been punished and suicide bombings near the settlement
began, born out of despair.

The following is the eyewitness testimony of Sharif B. Zahdeh. Zahdeh said that he and his
brother, who died in the attack, arrived late to the mosque and had to sit in the last row of
worshipers. He heard 2 persons speaking behind him in Hebrew saying, “This is their
end.” Sharif Zahdeh said, “We later knelt in our prayer, I heard showers of gunfire. I
looked next to me and I found my brother dead from bullets in his head. When the shots
stopped, I say people beating a soldier. (Goldstein in his uniform.) I saw a little
12 year-old child wounded and I tried to spare his life. I tried to carry the boy to the
outside but an Israeli soldier stopped me and forced me to return to the inside. I tried
another way out in the meantime I saw 4-5 settlers with civilian uniforms in a small room.
I managed to escape with the boy to the outside but he died. Only in the hospital, I
realized that I, too, was wounded in the chest area.” (To read more testimonies click link)
In the battle following the massacre, the Barukh Goldstein was unavoidably shot and died
whilst his accomplices fled the authorities. At the eulogy of Goldstein, Rabbi Yisrael Ariel
Goldstein described Barukh as a person “having a higher status than saints”. The rabbi
was referring to the fact that throughout his career, Dr. Barukh Goldstein refused to treat
any Arab or non-Jewish wounded. The rabbi continued saying that Barukh was a “Royal
Martyr”, and “It is not peace agreements which recover lands, it is blood that recovers

Ibrahimi Mosque in Khalil.


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Destruction, desecration and destruction of Muslim Holy places

The Zionists planned to create a Jewish State in Palestine that would be 100% Jewish. Christianity and Islam were to be stamped out and Christians and Muslims were to be excluded. The Zionist plan calls for the expulsion of all non-Jews from Palestine and the destruction of Muslim and Christian Holy Places and sanctuaries.
In 1948 the Zionists succeeded in realizing their first objective by creating a Jewish State in 80% of the territory of Palestine. By force and massacres they expelled from the area they occupied over 800,000 Palestinians, of whom 700,000 were Muslims and 100,000 Christians. They completely destroyed over 492 Arab villages in order to erase Arab character of the land. Also, they completely destroyed and erased 480 Muslim Mosques and converted 14 Muslim Mosques to secular control as factories, clubs or for other nonreligious purposes. They completely destroyed 410 Muslim cemeteries.
The Zionists occupied all Muslim religious properties (Waqf property) in the twelve cities they occupied.

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