Rabbis call Palestinian presence in ’48-occupied territory “a terrorist act”

[ 16/01/2011 – 07:06 PM ]


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Rabbi Zalman Melamed, a prominent Jewish religious leader in Israel, called Palestinian keenness to reside in “Jewish cities” in occupied Palestine a “terrorist attempt to crush two thousand year old Jewish dreams” and a stab at Arabizing Jewish neighborhoods.

Dozens of rabbis, touring northern Palestine, announced that Arabs living in 1948-occupied territory are no more than guests. They warned that Arabs there are trying to infringe on Israel’s Jewish identity through calls to make Israel a state for all its citizens.

The rabbis, accompanied by several Knesset members, showed support for an advisory opinion forbidding selling or renting homes to Arabs in “Israeli” cities.

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu said the overwhelming majority of Jews in Israel support the opinion, saying: “The opinion does not express racism, but love for Israel. The Arabs must know that they are only guests here. If one of them conspires against this state, he has no place here.”

Rabbis call Palestinian presence in ’48-occupied territory “a terrorist act”.

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