Israeli soldiers tried to rape teen during interrogation

[ 07/08/2011 – 12:54 PM ]

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Israeli soldiers attempted to rape a teen under interrogation in Etzion, sources revealed Sunday.

The victim’s brother Ammar Jabir, 26, from Al-Khalil, said that he was arrested on 25 July alongside his brother Mahmoud, and that during the arrest he was beaten so severely by the soldiers in the Kiryat Arba detention center, before he was transferred to Etzion, that he lost teeth.

He added that the soldiers severely battered and attempted to rape his brother Mahmoud by placing him in an isolated room, which caused him to clash with the soldiers. After being pommeled he was arrested for allegedly assaulting a soldier.

Separately, sources from rights groups say that Yousef Abdul-Aziz, 27, a prisoner in the Israeli Shata prison has filed a complaint against an officer at the Megiddo prison for photographing him in the nude during a strip search while he was detained at that prison.

In a testimony to his lawyer, Abdul-Aziz said the “phenomenon” of officers photographing prisoners as they are forced to strip during searches has begun to recur lately in the Israeli prisons.

He deemed it a “deliberate policy to humiliate prisoners and harm their dignity”.


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