Hamas slams UNRWA for interfering in union activities

[ 11/09/2011 – 03:36 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– The Hamas Movement’s department of refugee affairs criticized the UNRWA administration for intervening in the work of labor unions in Gaza and suspending head of the UNRWA’s Arab staff union Suhail Hindi for three weeks.

“The [suspension] decision falls within its attempts to muzzle its employees, break their will and deter them from engaging in any union activities, the refugee department said in a press release on Saturday.

“The UNRWA has no right to control the movement of its employees who are affiliated with unions; this is considered intervention in their freedoms which are internationally protected, it added.

“The UNRWA’s attempts to restrain its employees and their representatives from claiming their rights and acting for their just cause will be doomed to failure, and there is no need for the UNRWA to repeat mistakes which cause it to lose on the moral level.”

For its part, the committee for the rights of refugees denounced the UNRWA for converting itself from a relief foundation into a political and security agency.

The committee accused the administration of the UNRWA of carrying out conspiratorial schemes against the Palestinian refugees and changing its relief role into a dubious political and intelligence role through recruiting a very large number of foreign employees for jobs of no use to the Palestinian people.

It emphasized in a press release its rejection of transferring the UNRWA from a relief agency for refugees into a security and political institution serving foreign agendas aimed at liquidating the issue of Palestinian refugees.


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