Israel’s hell has begun

[ 11/09/2011 – 06:43 PM ]

By Khalid Amayreh in occupied Jerusalem

The latest dignity-inspiring reflexes against Israel by the Turkish government and Egyptian protestors is undoubtedly a heartening, good news for hundreds of millions of people around the world who over many decades watched rather helplessly a manifestly criminal Israel torment, humiliate and murder innocent Arabs and Muslims in the tens of thousands.

Indeed, since its misbegotten birth in 1948, Israel has never wasted an opportunity to brutalize and savage ordinary Arabs and Muslims. Israeli forces, who constantly had a qualitative edge over Arab armies combined, thanks to unlimited Western, especially American support, bombed with utter apathy schools, hospitals, homes, apartment buildings and mosques.

In April, 1970, this writer vividly remembers how at least 30 Egyptian school children were mercilessly massacred when American-supplied Israeli warplanes bombarded their Bahr el Baqar primary school in the eastern province of al-Sharqiyya. Israel never apologized for the carnage.

Jordanian, Syrian, Lebanese and especially Palestinian civilians were murdered rather callously by Israel for purposes having to do with creating deterrence or as a disproportionate response to legitimate acts of resistance against a manifestly racist, colonialist occupying power.

In 2006, the Israeli air force dropped 2-3 million cluster bomblets over Lebanon, enough to kill or maim 2-3 million Lebanese civilians. This would be tantamount to the perpetration of at least half a holocaust.!!

In 2008-09, Israeli launched an all-out Nazi-like blitzkrieg against the virtually defenseless Gaza Strip, murdering and maiming thousands of innocent civilians whose only crime was their being non-members of the Chosen people or Master race.

Interestingly, the whoring leaders of the so-called “free-world” watched the genocidal massacres progress day after day after day, without patting an eyelash, as if the people being murdered and incinerated were insects, not human beings.

The despicable mantra the leaders of America, Britain and Canada, to mention a few states, kept invoking was that ” Israel has the right to defend itself.”

Needless to say, the horrible Nazi-like massacres created a lot of rage, indignation and frustration in the hearts and minds of Muslims and others around the world. But the anger was mostly passive and frozen because the masses were tightly controlled by their tyrants who, too, were controlled and enslaved by their masters in Washington and London and other western capitals.

I believe this brief historical background is necessary to make sense of the current anti-Israeli sentiments in Turkey and across the Arab world.

The matter is very simple. Arabs and Muslims won’t forgive Zionist Jews for their genocidal crimes-which never really stopped, just as Jews won’t forgive the Nazis for their crimes against Jews in the course of the Second World War. In the final analysis, for most Arabs and Muslims, the Zionists represent the Nazis of our time.

The Zionists murdered our children, destroyed our homes, obliterated our towns, demolished our houses of worship, and then expelled the bulk of our people to the four winds.

Then the Zionists had the audacity to ask for peace. Well, how could a child-killer dare ask for peace with the child’s father without paying for his crime, even without uttering a word of apology or remorse? How could a thief dare demand peace with his victims and their relatives and descendants without first returning the stolen goods to rightful owners?

Peoples and nations may of course reach reconciliation and put painful memories and legitimate grievances behind them. However, true and durable reconciliation requires certain conditions such as a sincere admission of guilt on the part of the aggressor, true goodwill toward the victims and their descendants, a real apology as well as compensation and indemnification.

Unfortunately, Israel never agreed to utter the word mea culpa let alone reach true reconciliation with Arabs and Muslims.

Now it seems it has become too late for any reconciliation to be reached. It is really sad that we have reached this point. But Israel has only herself to blame. Her phenomenal arrogance, brazen insolence and might-is-right approach to her neighbors made any prospect of peace not only unlikely but virtually impossible.

Some Arab leaders effectively groveled at Israel feet appealing for peace, peace with a nutshell of honor and dignity to save face. However, instead of relating positively to these overtures, Israel rebuffed them contemptuously, arguing that “you can’t achieve by peace what you failed to achieve by war.”

PLO leaders, to give just one example, took unprecedented steps to appease Israel by arresting, persecuting and even murdering their own people in order to demonstrate their goodwill and desire for peace.

However, instead of meeting Arab leaderships half the way, Israel humiliated these leaders often in the most draconian Talmudic manners. Just consider how Israeli army bulldozers were demolishing Yasser Arafat’s Ramallah headquarters while the ailing late Palestinian leader was agonizing inside, appealing and imploring an unhearing world to come to his rescue.

The Zionists didn’t (and still don’t know) that such pivotal moments would become indelible marks in the minds of millions of people and would replenish the already swelled inventory of hatred and indignation against Zio-Nazism.

Now whether the action comes from Ankara or occurring in the streets of Cairo, even opposite the illegitimate Israeli embassy in Cairo (how could it be legitimate when Israel is still occupying al-Aqsa Mosque and burning Muslim houses of worship all over occupied Palestine?)

Indeed. How could that den of espionage and corruption be legitimate when Israel is still besieging and starving 1.7 million Gazans for the sole purpose of breaking their will to be free and independent from Jewish tyranny?

Again, the new reality in the Middle East is of Israel ‘s own making and Israel has only herself to blame. The Arab and Muslim masses (and increasingly their governments) are no longer willing to tolerate violent Jewish fascism and terrorism as represented by the likes of Benyamin Netanyahu, Avigdor Lieberman and their ilk. The old days are gone for good. In a world where everything can be denied, there are forces undeniable, and on earth where nothing is sure, we have our certainties.

And this is only the beginning because ultimately the anti-Israeli tsunami, now beginning to form while Israel is still basking in its arrogance and megalomania, will not stop at a symbolic measure here and there, such as storming the Israeli embassy in Cairo or expelling the Israeli ambassador to Turkey.

Much more is coming up, because Israel’s hell-time has begun.


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