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A Covenant of GOD that lead to a genocide & an ongoing extermination of a civilization …

By Jad Khairallah | October 27, 2011

It all began with a promise, a covenant… A promise of eternal continuity, of divine right, of immortality,immortality for a nation, a selected group…a few out of many … a promise sent out by no other than the all mighty, the all powerful, our one and only LORD… he who has presumably created us all.. Equal under his eyes, under his dominion…

On that day the LORDmade a covenant with Abram and said, “To your descendants I give this land, from the River Nile of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates– the land of the Kenites, Kenizzites, Kadmonites, Hittites, Perizzites, Rephaites, Amorites, Canaanites, Girgashites and Jebusites” 

(Genesis 15:18-21)

And then it began…

The Israelites headed by Abraham and later his descendants rode on a mission transcending time to fulfill that “promise”, that covenant, regardless of the status-quo that existed within the nearby populace.

Time passed and the Israelites grew mighty and powerful raising eyebrows within the nearby nation of Egypt under “King Ahmoses I” who decided to engulf them and enslave them even going as far as to kill their first born to cut their offspring and all in fear they might align their forces with his enemies..

Then came the time of Moses “he who was drawn out of the water” son of Amram, Moses pleaded the Egyptians to release the children of Israel or else … Egypt refused, 12 plagues came, the Israelites escaped, Moses opened the sea and his brethrens crossed over in their first steps towards the Promised Land…the Exodus to Canaan!

It is the year 1313 B.C.

During the next 40 Years, one of the 12 spies sent by Moses to discover the land of Canaan Hoshea son of Nun or better known as Joshua , would later become the Israelites field commander & Leader, and form a strong and powerful army to invade Canaan and most importantly become the initiator of the policy of extermination which the Israelites will evoke as their motto throughout the upcoming years as we shall see onward.

Joshua commanding 8000 troops knew that by heading north he would be stopped by the Canaanites tribes who clearly outnumbered him and thus would crush his forces into oblivion so moving north was out of the question.

So Joshua decides to move his 30,000-35,000 men, women and children south then east into the Jordan valley passing peacefully *for now* through the land of Edom and Moab

But stops at the tribe of Ammon who refuses to let them pass

So Joshua leads his army to utter victory…One would think that would be enough… but simply winning for Joshua, didn”t appease his blood thirst so he goes on to ravage his way through the tribes that lay further to the north exterminating them… one by one…

“They marched on and went up the road to Bashan and King of Bashan, with all his people, came out to engage them in battle… They defeated him and his sons and all his people UNTIL NO REMNANT WAS LEFT.”
(Numbers 21:33)

This would be the first minor application of the “scorched earth” tactic and extermination policy the Israelites will begin to apply meticulously over a course of 500 years on every territory, nation, tribe or group of people that stood in their way of achieving their Machiavelic dream of conquering and occupying “the promised land.

And since Israelites had no intention of settling in Canaan as long as there are still other inhabitants living with them… they didn”t care or want to share their conquered lands with anyone their intention was simple, attack the cities, burn and kill the population inhabiting them and replace it with their own. As easy as that…

The Israelites chose this tactic and applied it on these tribes because they knew that even though they had no intention of living in the Jordan valley, but at the same time they couldn’t leave any presumably hostile tribes living near their launching point of attack towards their promised land… they considered this valley to be none other than a temporary ground for troop preparation and resource plundering so that they can send in their invading forces and conquer the Canaanites at a certain point, and thus for them, the people of the Jordan valley were simply useless vessels that must be annihilated to the last man …

And that was exactly what happened, for the Israelites managed to exterminate the Amorites Tribes or what was known as “The Land of the Two Kings”, Og the King of Gilead & Gaulanitis & Sihon King of Heshbon ravaging all of Sihon and Og’s sixty cities, striking down all men, women and children, taking the livestock and plundering the cities for themselves, leaving nothing but burning rubble behind them and the stench of dead unburied bodies laying around covered with their own blood and disgrace. That was the way of the tribe of Israel…that was the way of the “Chosen People”…

Let us now move a bit away from the political aspect of things and the ideological dogmas held by the Israelites to a more military perspective so that we can grasp an idea of the type of battles that will occur later on and why the Israelites were successful in most of them.

The Israelites army was made up of mainly light infantry units better suited for “hit and run” tactics had very light armor, it included the Helmet for the head, scale armor & breastplate for the body and greaves for the shins, a shield was carried to cover any unprotected part of the body.

Furthermore they were equipped with either medium range weapons such as short spears or long range weapons such as their famous slings which were thrown at the beginning of battle to stun the enemy then they would move to a fast offensive by using their famous Khoppesh, or sickle sword that would disembowel the enemy when stabbing and retrieving it from the body of the victim.

On the other hand the opposing forces which faced the Israelites were basically equipped with low to medium armor, mainly the coat of mail, and using the composite bow, socket axe and the sword plus their main unit the chariot, mounted by two men who would have both the speed and accuracy to shoot down the enemy from a distance and up close.

Moving back to our chain of events, and After annihilating the tribes of King Og & Sihon the Israelites led by Joshua knew that their next step would be Canaan itself, but also knew that from a military perspective the Canaanites are superior whether in numbers or in equipments and that the only strategical way to that land was through the mountain chain that runs through the center of the country and controls all the passes to that land and that controlling it would give him a major advantage and access to all the tribes of Canaan and at the same time protect him from any counter attacks during his extermination campaigns because of its rugged terrain in which no chariot would dare climb.

And to do so Joshua had to pass by the oldest city in the world, the city of Jericho…

Jericho was a small city with an even smaller defensive army of roughly 500-1000 men but still had its famous impenetrable 46 feet walls made out of an Upper city wall & a Lower city wall

Joshua sends in 2 of his spies who befriend Rahab a local prostitute there. Rahab helps the spies so as she and her family be spared from the extermination process. Joshua moves his 8000 unit strong army encircling the city, and for 6 days marched around it blowing their battle horns for and as The Bible said that Joshua was given word from Yahweh (GOD) that on the 7th day the walls of Jericho will come tumbling down… but since I am discussing the events in a more pragmatic military way, away from all the religious utopic beliefs, I will move on to say that Rahab’s help was essential for the sneaking of several of Joshua”s men who managed to open the gates or throw ropes for the rest of the army to go up the walls of Jericho (and metaphorically speaking the walls came tumbling down so no religious mumbo jumbo).

Now to grasp the idea of the atrocity that happened next im gonna state some numbers for you: Here we have Joshua with roughly 8000 men inside a city defended by a maximum of 1000 poorly equipped men guarding a population of 2000-2500 men, women and child…logically speaking and considering the sheer difference in troop numbers, utter victory & conquest have already been achieved, but not for Joshua or the Israelites, for as I mentioned before this group did not believe in cohabitation or forgiveness or even Battle etiquette but rather worshiped the way of the sword, and seeked nothing less than annihilation.

And what Joshua did next was no less than horrific, for he decides to fight and kill every living been in that city, and thus after slaughtering the entire population of Jericho or as the Zionist say (Kol HaNeshama-kill every breathing thing) and next and for no apparent
reason decides to simply put the city on fire….

Joshua keeps marching and meets up with the inhabitants of the ruined city of Ai one of the cities of the Bethelytes and its 2500-3000 men army, and again exterminates in addition to its army the whole population to its last child and even hangs their king on the doors of their capital Bethel who quickly surrenders when rumors of the slaughter reaches it, but surrendering wasn’t enough for Joshua who continues forward and plunders and destroys the city eliminating its 5000-10000 men population as if they were merely inanimate numbers to his eyes.
Joshua moves next and allies himself with the city of Gibeon that controlled the East-West & North-South trading passes in the Land of Canaan and then challenges the heavy infantry and iron chariots of a combined Canaanite force of 40,000 men and due to strategical and terrain advantage Joshua manages to defeat the enemy who surrenders and retreats, but Joshua then hunts them down and kills them all, every single one of them in addition to slaughtering their commanders and king.

Joshua again moves to Bethshan, Hazor, Ibleam, Dor, Endor, Taanach, Accho and Sidon…and massacres all the inhabitants that dwelled in this region, even those who clearly surrendered by laying down their weapons or sending emissaries to spare the women and children, Joshua didn”t care, therefore Hundreds of thousands of women, children and men were slaughtered all across the peninsula, a true well conducted Genocide..The Israelites took all the spoils of these cities as they plundered and struck on their way every citizen and every King until there was no one left breathing. Joshua basically refused to make peace with any tribe, city or king and preferred to kill them and exterminate them.


Hereunder are the Kings and their Cities that Joshua burned and annihilated its population to the last breathing child:

1- King of Jericho

2- King of Ai & Bethel

3- King of Jerusalem

4- King of Hebron

5- King of Bethel

6- King of Lachish

7- King of Eglon

8- King of Gezer

9- King of Debir

10- King of Geder

11- King of Hormah

12- King of Arad

13- King of Libnah

14- King of Adullam

15- King of Makkedah

16- King of Tappuah

17 – King of Hepher

18- King of Aphek

19- King of Lasharon

20- King of Madon

21- King of Hazor

22- King of Shimron-meron

23- King of Achshaph

24- King of Taanach

25- King of Megiddo

26- King of Kedesh

27- King of Jokneam

28- King of Dor

29- King of Goiim in Gilgal

30- King of Tirzah

31- King of Jarmuth


“… all, thirty-one kings.”

(Joshua 12:1-24)





N.B: Historically speaking every Canaanite city boasted a population of 5,000-10,000… All were destroyed. Everyone killed !!

Here are the Cities exterminated by Joshua & the Zionist

200 Years pass….it is the year 879 BC…Saul is King of Israel

A Young man named David (known best as the character in the famous tale of David & Goliath) destined to be “The Father of Israel” later on, emerges and starts his own raging bloodthirsty opportunistic campaigns by aligning himself with the enemy of Israel the philistines (yup even back in those days Israel and Palestine were sworn enemies) Even though he was one of the top soldiers in Saul’s army, David betrayed his own people for glory and went to prove his loyalty to the philistines, by raising an army of bandits and criminals and raiding his own Israelite cities which lay on the border of Israel and Philistia, killing everyone on his path.

After a successful merciless campaign on the lands of his people and proving masterfully his loyalty to the King of the philistines, they reward him the crown of Judah after conquering it so as to anoint him as king, a puppet Jew king working for them on the lands of Israel. David brings his 600 strong men made out of outlaws and bandits and settles them in Judah to subdue it.
David knew that to become the uncontested King of Israel he must completely wipe out Saul’s Bloodline and any of his followers, so over the next 2 years David meticulously killed, betrayed and eliminated all of Israel’s commanders who dared stand in his way and even those who chose to surrender were wiped out …

This guy was deligently projecting himself and acting as if everything was some cheap enactment of a Mafia movie where David was “the Don”, “the Godfather” and Yoav(Joab) his cousin was the Consiglieri… they sent men to assassinate every single descendants of Saul’s and then went to kill the assassins themselves so as to cover their tracks and mischief. one of those killed was Ishbaal the heir to the throne of Israel..And if that wasn’t enough, David orders the execution of the last remaining blood heirs to the throne, Saul’s seven YOUNG underaged Grandsons crucifying all seven of them and leaving them to rot in the sun…and that my dear reader was “The Father of Israel”… the newly anointed King of Zion !!!!

David now decides to expand Israel, so first betrays the philistines who gave him the throne, enslaves them and uses their weapons to wage war on the Kingdoms of Moab, Edom and Ammon who did not raise a finger on the Israelites during more than 200 years, and who as you may recall even allowed safe passage to Joshua and his people during the Exodus.

David moves to Edom, defeats them, and guess what he does next? The same thing his predecessors and his descendants after him will continue doing even up to this day, David uses the same tactic, the same dogma, the same mind boggling strategy of Scorched earth, extermination and slaughter… Edom was put to flames, and its male population was exterminated, while the women and children were sold into slavery… Edom ceased to exist…
Next comes the nonthreatening, poorly equipped, peaceful city of Moab.

“And he smote Moab, and measured them with the line, making them to lie down on the ground…”
(Samuel 2 8:2)

Now what that means is that after defeating the army of Moab the captives were lain out on the floor while the troops went between each one of them and beheaded them… And then Moab was plundered, its population exterminated…. Moab ceased to exist…

Next comes Ammon (modern day Amman) who had allied themselves with Aram (modern day Syria)

David sends his troops to Rabah the capital of Ammon but stumbles upon the army of Aram near the city of Succoth

The defeated Arameans retreat back to Aram, while David follows the routed army north to slaughter them and slams into the main army of King Hadadezer of Zobah, slaughters all 22,000 of them even the ones that surrendered leaving no prisoners and beheading the
king himself…

“When The Arameans from Damascus arrived to help King Hadadezer, David killed 22,000 of them…”
(Samuel 2 8:5)

David now turns his attention on to Ammon, but before that and to give you a small insight on David”s personal life which was no less horrific or treacherous than his military or political one. David is attracted by a Woman named “Bathsheba” who happens to be married to one of his soldiers, but nonetheless impregnates her, and tries to hide the paternity of Bathsheba’s unborn child by bringing back her husband Uriah from the battlefield so that Uriah might sleep with his wife and the unborn child would be counted as his, but the soldier refuses to sleep with his wife while his troops are still in the battlefield so David sends him back with a concealed letter to his commander ordering him to put Uriah in the front lines of battle to accelerate his death.

“And he wrote in the letter, saying: “Set ye Uriah in the forefront of the hottest battle, and retire ye from him, that he may be smitten and die.”
(Samuel 2 11:14-15)

The “Consiglieri” Yoav follows the letter and Uriah… dies!

David takes Bathsheba as his wife adding her to his many other concubines…
Then he marches into Rahab, the capital of Ammon and puts it to ground, slaughtering its population… to the last one.

The campaign ends… Israel is Born… on Blood and Carnage !!
David the King that is most revered by current Israelis and regarded as this “mythical” and impeccable human being, as he who united Israel, was nothing but a treacherous, tyrannical, murderer and a merciless and ruthles human who dies at the age of 110.. Solomon his son takes charge… his first act as King? Killing the “Consiglieri” Yoab for no reason at all…. it”s the year 836 BC…

Now let’s fast forward to the year 1923 A.D …
Britain officially assumes control of Palestine to apply the “Palestinian Mandate” which was a legal commission for the administration of Palestine after the fall of the Ottoman Empire, having a formal objective to administer Palestine until such time as it is able to stand alone and govern itself and for that a deadline was fixed: the year 1948 !

Now before moving along, we should ponder a bit on this objective, on this mandate, to establish a more comprehensive idea for the rest of the analysis.

For a state to be placed under mandate is by itself a recognition of the state”s existence and sovereignty, since the mandate was established as a mean for the Allies after defeating the Ottomans, to re-establish the boundaries and power of autonomy of those sovereign states, or de facto entities that wish to be recognized as de jure sovereign states.

For a state To be recognized as a de Jure (in law) sovereign state, International law presents us with 2 theories:

1- The Declarative Theory:  which considers a state as a person in International law if the   following conditions are met:

a- Having a Defined Territory

b- Having a Permanent Population

c- Having a Government

d- Having the capacity to enter into relations with other states

2- The Constitutive Theory: considers a state as a person of international law if it is recognized  by other members of the international community as such.

Palestine was a “de facto” sovereign state before the Ottoman rule during the British Mandate, and would’ve become a “de jure” sovereign state at the end of the British Mandate if it was allowed to form a government as the third condition of the “Declarative Theory” instates.

Moreover if one would look back at The Balfour declaration of 1917 which in addition to the Palestine Mandate, promised the establishment of a “Jewish National Home” without, however, defining the meaning of “Home” nor suggesting that the Jews should be accorded a more favorable position in Palestine compared to that of the Arab inhabitants of the country.

But clearly the word “home” is meant as a place of birth and identity for that group of people, a place within an already sovereign state “Palestine”, it did not stipulate the eradication of a currently existing country and its replacement by another entity which is Israel, for the word “Home” and not “state” clearly defines the intention of the Balfour Declaration which was to assimilate the Jewish population within the Palestinian statehood as such to become a part of it not govern it or engulf it.

The Balfour Declaration 1917:

“His Majesty’s government view with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national HOME  for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.”

Further more in 1919, even The President of the Zionist Organization, Nahum Sokolow, published The History of Zionism (1600-1918) in which He explains that Zionism in itself doesn’t aim at creating a Jewish State:

“The object of Zionism is to establish for the Jewish people a home in Palestine secured by public law.” … …It has been said and is still being obstinately repeated by anti-Zionists again and again, that Zionism aims at the creation of an independent “Jewish State” But this is wholly fallacious. The “Jewish State” was never part of the Zionist program”

This was followed by the “Basel Program” or the “First Zionist Congress” that stipulated and declared at the end of its meeting that :

“Zionism seeks to establish a HOME for the Jewish people in PALESTINE secured under public law” 

and with that, Zionists admit clearly:
1- That their intention was never to establish a home inside an already sovereign state.
2- The existence of a nation called Palestine and their intention to settle in it.

…All that was back in 1897…


In 1947, The General Assembly of The United Nations adopted the resolution 181 recommending that after the Termination of The British Mandate for Palestine and the evacuation of Palestine, the latter should be divided or partitioned into two states one Jewish and one Arab.The resolution required 2/3 of the majority of valid votes for it to pass. First voting process ended with one vote short from reaching a majority of the votes

(30 for, 16 against, 10 abstained)

Basically one more vote was needed…. and then.. out comes the Zionist Lobby proving once again it was nothing more than a Brute Mafioso force that used illegal and terrorizing methods to instill its ideology and its goals when it began threatening the members of the UN and forcing them to vote for the resolution…


President Truman notes:

“The facts were that not only were there pressure movements around the UN unlike anything that had been seen before but that the White House too was subjected to a constant barrage. I do not think I ever had as much pressure and propaganda aimed at the White House as I had in this instance. The persistence of the extreme Zionist leaders who engaged in political threats disturbed and annoyed me”

Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehrus notes:

“I feel anger and contempt for the way the UN vote has been lined up. The Zionists had tried to bribe India with millions and at the same time my sister, Vijayalalshmi Pandit, had received daily warnings that her life was in danger unless she voted right”

Liberia’s Ambassador to the United States notes:

“The US delegation threatened us to cut aids to several countries including Liberia if we didn’t vote for the resolution”

The resolution later passed…The UN General Assembly voted (33 for, 13 against, 10 abstained) in favor of the Partition Plan, and to be applied on the date of the British withdrawal and end of the Palestine Mandate, meaning in 14 May 1948.

And still even if the resolution had passed let us discuss the legality of such a Resolution. It is crucial for the reader to understand that the UN General Assembly (UNGA) is only given the power to make recommendations which in reality are not legally binding by any way to the recipient of it, specially that the United Nations or its members had no competence whatsoever to enforce a solution or a resolution against the wishes of the majority of the existing population of a state, in that case Palestine.

Thus Legally speaking as soon as the British Mandate ended, meaning at midnight of the 14th of May 1948, Palestine became autonomous and sovereign again since as proven earlier the UNGA resolution 181 was not LEGALLY binding and thus there would be no partitioning into 2 states and no formation of a Jewish state, and thus Palestine was now an autonomous, legal, “de facto” and “de jure” State with full supremacy over its lands as the British Mandate prepared her to be for the past 25 years before it ended.\


Palestinian Passport issued in 1946 (Check the date in the Red Circles) by the British Mandate acknowledging the existence of the Palestinian State

The Israelites or what has become as the Zionist Entity has been for the past 3000-3500 years trying to fulfill a promise so called given by GOD that seemed to elevate them amongst all others to the status of “Chosen People” and anoint them with the sole access and right for what has been known as “the Promised Land” disregarding any legal, rightful, factual, historical, humanitarian situation that may arise or already exist.

This feeling of grandeur, this so called goal to get to the promised land no matter what, which embodied in it a treacherous, machiavelic strategy that materialized in acts of genocide, plunder, extermination, annihilation and total lack of tolerance for other civilizations or people led the Zionist to really live up to their status, this “Chosen ones” status… for they indeed are the chosen ones, chosen to be secluded, chosen to be alienated. Chosen to be the embodiment of evil on our planet.

They refuse to coexist for they believe they are far more superior to share or live close by to their inferior neighbors, all other human beings that is…

They refuse to let go of that demonic and fanatical illusion of being GOD”s Favorites and continue to act upon it by demanding from the “Rest of the children” of GOD unfair tributes and forcing upon them unjust and biased indemnities and punishments…

This Zionistic dream and goal has been an ongoing war for these people from the day they began their Exodus beginning with the scorched earth tactic back in the old days,metaphorically bulldozing cities, tribes and whole civilizations and then gradually upgraded their methods to a point where their strategy now, aside from the usual but this time literal bulldozing and slowly eradicating a civilization by exterminating its population it now combines a methodological but cataclysmic infiltration scheme within major entities or states by propagandizing and brainwashing its society and its political strong points so as to control the limbs and organs of that entity and then slowly disintegrating it from the inside out if it dare not achieve its Zionistic purpose…. No, I have not just explained the way Cancer spreads in a body… but rather how Zion is spreading in the World ….

Jad Khairallah:  Sarcastic & Straight to the point. Lawyer & Politically Savvy. All-Around Perfectionist with a sense of Blunt Honesty. Interested in Politics, CurrentAffairs & Sports.  You can follow Jad at twitter @jadmk.

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