Man found dead, family rescued in Bethlehem


BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) – A man was found dead Saturday in his apartment in Ayda refugee camp near Bethlehem in the southern West Bank, and three members of a family suffered from asphyxia.

Palestinian Red Crescent medics in Bethlehem said they were notified about an emergency in Ayda camp, but as the rescue staff arrived, they found Khalid Ibrahim Radi, 45, had died six hours beforehand. The body was taken to Beit Jala Hospital.

A statement added that an ambulance was sent to rescue a couple and their 9-month old son in Bethlehem. The three suffered from lack of oxygen because they left a gas heater on.

A 30-year-old man, his wife, 23, and their child received first aid at home.

On Friday a woman gave birth in an ambulance after snow blocked her route to hospital in southern Bethlehem. The mother and baby girl were later transferred to hospital and both were in good health.

Emergency services chief in Bethlehem Abdul Halim Jaafra said ambulances had rushed to the pregnant woman’s home in Beit Fajjar village.

She delivered her child on the way to Beit Jala government hospital, as Bethlehem saw its first snowfall in four years, blocking roads in the southern West Bank city.

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