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Hannibal Directive Focus of War Crimes Inquiry ~ by @Richards1052

by Richard Silverstein on September 1, 2014 | Tikun Olam | תיקון עולם IDF Col. Ofer Winter’s approach to Rafah: apres moi, le deluge. The Israeli attorney general and military prosecutor have begun investigations of numerous incidents during Operation Protective Edge which may reach to the level of war crimes : While fighting still raged, […]

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#GazaUnderAttack | Who Broke the Ceasefire? Obama Blames Hamas Against All Evidence

In a bid to legitimize Israel’s violence in Gaza, Washington continues a disturbing pattern of baselessly blaming Hamas. Photo Credit: Moigovps/Wikimedia Commons August 1, 2014  | AlterNet / By Max Blumenthal and Allison Deger A beleaguered looking President Barack Obama appeared before the Washington press corps Friday to lash into Hamas for supposedly violating the […]

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Scuttlebutt Downunder: Australia Betrays Its Citizens on Israel’s Directive ~ KADAITCHA

KADAITCHA | By Jinjirrie, on June 28th, 2011 Australian flotilla participants ‘have been told by DFAT that Israel will deny and restrict consular assistance to them should Israel board their boats and detain them and the Government is accepting this without any protest. The Australian delegates are angry at the failure of the Australian Government […]

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