Naksa Day 2011 | Non-Violent Protests answered with Violence & Manslaughter – in pictures

UDHR 20(1) states: “Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.”

(Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

Not in Palestine and as it seems not even outside of Palestine. Israel claiming to defend it’s borders on Golan, while it isn’t actually Israel, but illegally occupied Syrian Land.

This album is a wakeupcall. I challenge you to NOT SKIP the article and fligh directly to the pictures, but to read the comment below.

They came with flags and chants, good mood, and in Gaza they even danced a dabke while the women were baking bread on a tabon. They were lucky this time, for on May 15, 2011, their attempt to engage in a non violent protest in worlds largets open airprison was even answered with shelling and bombing by F16’s.

But in West Bank the non-violent protesters were met with severe violence even before the non violent “protest” itself started. Who doubts to that please read the Live updates of Naksa Day and regard the timeline, the message and… the pictures on that specific time. You will convince yourself of this.

In Golan Heights, where many displaced Palestinians live, 24 people we’re killed. 24. You can find their names on the Martyrs Memorial Page. Among the death a child, a woman and a journalist as well.

Besides these martyrs there have been 53 surgeries going on of which 42 procedures in the emergency room, 77 suffociation cases and still 9 people are in critical condition.

The refugees and the displaced, who came with the flag, chants and hope, to ask for attention of the world for their 63 resp 44  year long status of refugee since Nakba or the six day way, were met by brutal disproportional violence, illegal weaponry, live ammunition when Israel committed it’s next massacre. One in the list of many massacres on Palestinians.

We salute the shuhada of Naksa Day 2011. May Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala ease it for their loved ones and grant the shuhada Jannatul Firdaus. Allahumma Ameen ya Rabbil  ‘Alameen.

UDHR Art 13(1) states: “Everyone has the right 2 freedom of movement & residence within the borders of each state” 

UDHR Art 13(2) states: “Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country”

These Universal Human Rights are NOT VALID for Palestinians. Over 63 years now they are living in harsh conditions in Refugees Camps in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Palestine itself or elsewhere exiled, not able to reunite with their family. Hence, even travel  from Gaza to West Bank is impossible. Again human rights violated while the world is asleep and in ignorance.  For more information about the refugees, their conditions look into the Special Topic: Refugees

But you are not supposed to know. Israel unleashes huge propaganda (called hasbara) lobbies and campaigns, even has recruits on Internet manipulating the media so you stay ignorant or brainwashed, something they have succesfully maintained for 63 years but enough is enough.

Save yourself time for  Israel is using, besides these days and events, any means possible to remove Palestine of it’s inhabitants to achieve the “Greater Israel”.  So forget all details, it is only about this: Ethnic Cleansing.

How many more dead corpses of Palestinians does the international community need to see in order to act? How many more cruelties and violations of Human Rights, Regulations and International Law will be needed to intervene so this ongoing warcrime is being stopped once and for all. And when, is a Palestinian able to exercise his Human Rights, and will the world stand up to defend these, in stead of whitewashing the ongoing violations of an occupying entity even on (for them) illegal territory, or as in Golan, land which is not even theirs at all…

Below a compilation of  photography  of Naksa Day 2011, which as well as the Nakba itself is forbidden by racist Israeli laws to even commemorate. As the zionist state of Israel celebrates their “existance” and realization of the state of “Israel”, Palestinians without arms and only with a flag are not even allowed to walk to have a look to the land what is taken of them. At least not without being killed…

Protesters walk towards the Syrian-Israeli border near the Druze village of Majd-al Shams in the Golan Heights Photograph: Ronen Zvulun/Reuters

Moments of Pride #June5: No one can break us MajdalShams Golan | Photo by #PalYouthVoice

Israeli soldiers keep their position along the border as demonstrators trying to head into the annexed Golan Heights gather on the other side of the fence Photograph: Menahem Kahana/AFP/Getty Images

Demonstrators gather along the border before trying to cut through a line of barbed wire Photograph: Lior Mizrahi/Getty Images

Demonstrators flee from Israeli army teargas as they gather along the border Photograph: Jack Guez/AFP/Getty Images

The protest was in commemoration of what is called 'Nakba day', marking the 44th anniversary of the six-day war in 1967 when Israel captured the Golan Heights from Syria Photo: Getty Images

The protesters threw stones and Molotov cocktails at Israeli troops as snipers fired rubber bullets and live rounds at some activists Photograph: Lior Mizrahi/Getty Images

Moments of Pride #June5: We will march home, even if it rains fire on us Majd alShams | Photo by @PalYouthVoice

Israel acknowledged that at least 12 had been wounded on the Syrian side, but disputed claims by state television in Damascus that 20 demonstrators were killed Photograph: Jack Guez/AFP/Getty Images

A demonstrator falls on the ground as he is hit by Israeli forces' fire while trying to breach a barbed wire fence Photograph: Jinipix/AFP/Getty Images

Demonstrators prepare to evacuate a wounded fellow protester. Photograph: Menahem Kahana/AFP/Getty Images

Moments of Pride #June5: The Martyrs will bridge our way HOME Majd alShams through the river of our blood | Photo by @PalYouthVoice

Residents of Majd-al Shams watch events unfold. Photograph: Uriel Sinai/Getty Images

M.Khatib of Bil'in being attacked after standing in front of the Skunk truck in Qalandia

Nonviolent standing in front of the Skunk while trying to get to Jerusalem

@ibnezra: I tweet about the "Skunk" all the time. This is what it looks like. Imagine your house covered in this stuff | Photo by Ahmad Mesleh

In qalandia getting ready for the demonstration | Photo by Joseph Dana - @ibnezra

Qalandia before the demo. A lot of international press gathering at the checkpoint | Photo by Joseph Dana - @ibnezra

Demo starting in qalandia | Photo by Joseph Dana - @ibnezra

The army is trying to enter Qalandiya camp with heavy toxic Gas | Photo by @PalYouthVoice

The tear gas canisters shot at protesters in Qalandiya | Photo by @PalYouthVoice

Filed hospital being shot with toxic Gas Qalandiya | Photo by @PalYouthVoice

More Amb. arrives to Qalandia as the army shoots a big amount of Gas on protesters and ambulances | Photo by @PalYouthVoice

More Gas and rubber bullets are shot at Qalandiya | Photo by PalYouthVoice

Army just attacked with 15 rounds of gas. Lots of injuries | Photo by Joseph Dana - @ibnezra

Another photo from Qalandia | Photo by Joseph Dana - @ibnezra

Tires set on fire Qalandiya | Photo by Joseph Dana - @ibnezra

Another round of tear gas in Qalandiya | Photo by Joseph Dana - @ibnezra

This what is being shot now by IDF causing serious injuries in Qalandiya | Photo by Joseph Dana - @ibnezra

Qalandiya - A man was just taken out from the front line bleeding from his head - Photo by Joseph Dana - @ibnezra

Israeli Snipers during protests - Photo by @Palanafree

The scene in Qalandiya. Smoke in the distance from a tire set on fire | Photo by Joseph Dana - @ibnezra

Chaos in Qalandiya | Photo by Joseph Dana - @ibnezra

The army coated M Khatib of Bil'in in pepper spray. This is his arm | Photo by Joseph Dana - @ibnezra

Naksa demos in Gaza: Riot police preventing protesters from entering Beit Hanoun - Photo by @WelshinGaza

Protest at Qalandia, Soldiers teared gas themselves - Photo by @ANimer

Israeli soldiers stand in a cloud in a tear gas after they miss calculated the wind at Qalanda - Photo by @ANimer

Israeli soldiers react from their own tear gas.. | Photo by @ANimer

Israeli police hold down a Palestinian protester, they didn't get him | Photo by @ANimer

Attempt to Arrest in Qalandiya | Photo by @ANimer

Blocking the way with their bodies today at Qalandia | Photo by @ANimer

Protesters stopping the stinky water canon at Qalandia - Photo by @ANimer

Israeli Snipers, Angry reaction at Qalandiya today | Photo by @ANimer

Still blocking the way! Qalandia | Photo by @ANimer

Israeli soldiers pepper spraying the eyes of protesters - Qalandiya | Photo by @ANimer

"My homeboys Favorites sport, throwing stone!" | Photo by @ANimer

"Cry Baby Cry" An Israeli soldier reacting to their own tear gas | Photo by @ANimer

Moments of Pride #June5: Your Apartheid wall won't stop us from reaching our land - Qalandia | Photo by @PalYouthVoice

Moments of Pride #June5: Occupation forces targeting themselves - Qalandia | Photo by @PalYouthVoice

Moments of Pride #June5: Heroes blocking the way of the Occupation Army Jeep - Qalandia | Photo by @PalYouthVoice

Moments of Pride #June5: Standing proud amongst heavy armed soldiers/terrorists Qalandia - Photo by Ahmad Mesleh

Moments of Pride #June5: Heroes blocking the way of the skunk truck in Qalandiya - Photo by Ahmad Mesleh

Watch the bullet. Live ammunition used on non violent protesters.

Israeli sniper in action

Tires set on fire

Women chanting

Non armed, civilian woman, chanting and being targeted as well

A peace sign. But it is met with deadly weapons

Suffering of tear gas, Israel uses poisonous CS gas highly concentrated and even deadly. The first martyrs of this year, Jawaher Abu Rahma, died on Jan 1st of the consequences of this Gas, sold by US to Israel

A boy throwing a stone, against an army which comes with deadly force, armored till their teeth and wearing protective clothing, helmets, bulletproof vests, who's the hero?

Another wounded

A Press worker wounded. Press is especially being targeted. For Israel does not want the world to see what actually is happening in occupied territories...

Tear gas was even shot inside ambulances. A severe violation of International Law and Regulations as stated in the Regulations for War and armed conflicts

A stone. The only thing a Palestinian has to "defend" himself against all this. When will the world wake up to see what is really happening? Palestinians are the children with the stones now for over 44 years, armed with a piece of rock against weaponry of forbidden kind and uknown violence and endless massacres, ongoing, every day

The tires. The tires are used by Palestinians to set on fire when Israel starts shooting on them to prevent them from being seen well... Not much of protection when indiscriminate shooting and shelling of tear gas and uncontrolled dispersal of gas flares keeps coming, but at least it is something

Resisting the violence, unarmed protester

More ambulances for more wounded

A silent protest, a sign reading: "My right to pray in the Church of the Resurrection" At a house of a Christian. So you think it is about Muslim, Arab ? Wrong. During the Nakba 100.000 Christians were ethnically cleansed as well, and the remaining Christians which co-exist in peace with Muslim Palestinians in the West Bank undergo the same occupation and atrocities, violence and restrictions. Remember, even Jews who not conform with "Zionism" are transgressing the "Laws of Israel". SO much for Zion & Goyim, They are even targeting their own people who not conform with the masterplan.

Man with a gasmask

Another wounded


The flag

Unarmed protesters sitting on the sidewalk

Shot with a "rubber" bullet (read rubber coated but able to penetrate a skull) This man was lucky it was only his leg

Unarmed boy making peacesigns at the protest. This is what Israel targets as well. If they don't lift children from their beds at night, or even arrest 4 year old mental disabled girls. For more information look into the special topic "Children of Palestine" or "Silwan".

More teargas...

And only a stone on the street tells a moment a story of the desperation and the powerless situation of Palestinians undergoing this all, every day, even today. In Palestine no need of a Nakba, Naksa or other commemoration day to be targeted. Hence, even a child playing footbal on the street or a farmer on his land can be "taken out" by a sniper, no reason needed

Creating a smoke shield...

The only way to stay "invisible" for the live round, at least for a moment...

For it's not like they do something dangerous behind that smoke... they are unarmed...

The tires...

Man spreading his arms in to show non violence, confronted by a highly armed police officer

Why you need to take a man at his collar when he is onlu talking to you ?

The "Most Moral Army in the World" posing.... but only arrogance

Finger on the trigger

Not only press takes pictures. The "army" as well. Mainly to be able to arrest afterwards anyone possible to identify. Probably they will be locked up for years without a trial for violating what exactly? Human Rights do not forbid peaceful gatherings. 6000 Palestinians in jails, of which hundreds even children are though detained for this reason. Many years in prison, sometimes for life even for being present or walking by a demo. Or just being suspected of is enough to be trialed at a military court by military law for transgressing a law of a "country" which itself violates over 65 UN resolutions and Human Rights

The tear gas soldier ....

A very coureagous woman. She's visible in some videos made on this day, as well as the violence she is encountered with. Have to see them, go to the category "Videos" on this weblog.

Non violent protester

Wonder where he would be in West Bank without this "gear"....

Mishtara - Police

More and more tear gas...

Again a non violent protester confronting with a police officer, again here as well: look his hands at his side to display non violence and non aggression

Confrontation between Army/Police and unarmed civilians protesting

And again...

Arrest attempt


He knows how to handle a woman... (not)

Arrest attempt

The Army

Protecting the people of Palestine with his body. Protester in front of a "Skunk" truck, which is spraying chemical solution which is poisonous and smelling severly. The vapour stays for weeks

In the middle of the Skunk. Skunk trucks are used everywhere a protests starts, or even not started. Last firday in Nabi Saleh even the houses were sprayed with the solution and the water and environment polluted

Protester waving his hands in air as show of non-armed non violent protest

We will not give up!

This is what is Israel is targeting. Non violent, non armed civilians with chants and a carton board on which is written "To Jerusalem we Go"

More protesters in front of the Stinky water truck

And more...

Police comes in a charge to remove the protesters in front of the truck

Police officer wading through the skunk, he probably gets new boots anyway

Unarmed nonviolent protesters trying to stop the chemical solution which is exiting the skunk truck... with carton

Removal of protesters

On the road again! The Jewish state polluting the streets and the village with chemicals, transgressing it's own Mitzvah (Divine Law) Kohelet Raba 7:19 : "“Do not corrupt or destroy My world. For if you destroy it, there will be no one to restore it after you…“"

Spraying everything in a wide range which comes "en route"... cars, people, children, anything...


And again protesters in front of the skunk truck

Signing "peace" and spreaded arms, the utmost sign of non-violence

While he's watching... Snipers everywhere else too

The Street...

And how it is "skunked"

Always ready to fire...


Bunch of soldiers

Taking their "job" very serious

Some even seem to enjoy these atrocities...

Arrest Attempt

Yes you need 1,2,3, no 4. At least 4 to arrest 1 non violent unarmed protester

Into the truck again


The Radio Soldier

Non violent, unarmed woman protesting...

The police officer she is addressing...

Arrest attempt of M.Khatib of Bil'in being attacked after standing in front of the Skunk truck in Qalandia

Arrest attempt of M.Khatib of Bil'in being attacked after standing in front of the Skunk truck in Qalandia

Arrest attempt of M.Khatib of Bil'in being attacked after standing in front of the Skunk truck in Qalandia

Arrest attempt of M.Khatib of Bil'in being attacked after standing in front of the Skunk truck in Qalandia

Arrest attempt of M.Khatib of Bil'in being attacked after standing in front of the Skunk truck in Qalandia

more pictures to come….

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