Israel developed over 100 torture methods against Palestinian prisoners

[ 26/06/2011 – 05:16 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– The Center for Prisoners’ Studies in Gaza has revealed that Israel security forces has developed more than a hundred mental and physical torture methods designed to elicit confessions from Palestinians during interrogations.

Israel uses torture against the prisoners from the moment they are arrested until when they are let free, said CPS director Raafat Hamdouna, condemning Israel’s democracy and human rights claims, and calling on the world community to monitor what is happening and issue indictments against security officers involved in torturing prisoners.

Hamdouna said that everyone who has ever entered Israeli prisons has been subjected to multiple forms of torture. It begins from the time of arrest, when brutality is used to instill fear in the arrestee’s family. The residents of the targeted houses are then usually degraded and assaulted before the subject is taken as prisoner from his home, Hamdouna added.

“That is followed by threats of murder, assassination, home demolition, rape or the arrest of wife, then the covering of the head with a dirty sack, sleep deprivation, the use of injuries during interrogation, placing the prisoner inside a refrigerator and standing for long periods,” Hamdouna said, listing many more torture methods.

The prisoner rights expert also cited some of the methods employed inside the prisons, ranging from excessive force, that at times results in death, to restrictions on toilet use that has caused prisoners to resort to using buckets, leaving the prisoners to live in a rotten stench.

The worst form of torture to date is that one man has been jailed for 34 years and deprived of basic human needs, he said, adding that the Palestinian prisoner is victimized by the Israeli occupation on all levels, whether from the civilian and military courts, which sentence them heavily, or the Israeli doctor that treats them or the prison guards and Jewish criminal populations in the prisons.

He called on the Red Cross and UN to take a neutral stance in their statements and decisions, also appealing to democratic countries, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, and the Arab League to come to the prisoners’ rescue.


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