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Musical Intifada | 26 October 2011 | by Dr. Tariq Shadid

Today, we are happy to announce that the Musical Intifada is entering a new phase in its ten year-existence. The Musical Intifada, for most of this time, has mainly been a one-man-project. Now, as it seeks to increase and expand its efforts, we are happy to be able to report to you that Doc Jazz will from now on be supported by four new team members!

We believe that a team effort will help increase the reach of the Musical Intifada, and will facilitate communications with the global community. Considering the skills and abilities of the new team members, we expect that this new teamwork effort should give the whole project a new level of vigor and excellence.

The new team members are Imane M., student of international business management, Rachid Eznaden, sociologist, Sadika Arab, cultural anthropologist, and Nouara el B., communications expert.

We invite you, members of the global community, to actively engage with the Musical Intifada! If you believe Doc Jazz should attend your pro-Palestine festival, by performing his music there, or attend an event or debate as a Palestinian speaker about a relevant issue, let us know! Perhaps you want Doc Jazz to be present in your radio or television show, or you would like to publish a written interview with him.

In all these cases, just send an email to docjazz(a), or use the communications box at the bottom of the website. We are also open to cooperation with other pro-Palestine projects anywhere in the world, and are eager to be in touch with other websites that are actively engaged in promoting the Palestinian cause. Besides this, we are interested in promoting the emancipation of Muslim minorities in Western countries, and are interested in engaging with members and organizations of these communities.

We welcome you in solidarity, and are looking forward to bringing the Musical Intifada to you, wherever you are!

The Musical Intifada team:

Imane M.
Rachid Eznaden
Sadika Arab
Nouara el B.

Doc Jazz


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