Al-Quds institution warns of Israeli intent to divide Aqsa Mosque

[ PIC 23/02/2012 – 09:14 AM ]

BEIRUT, (PIC)– Al-Quds international institution warned of an Israeli scheme to divide the Aqsa Mosque as already happened with the Abrahimi Mosque in Al-Khalil city.

In a press release on Wednesday, Al-Quds institution added that this scheme started with the current spate of break-ins at the Aqsa Mosque.

Information director of the institution Hisham Yakoub said the Aqsa Mosque would be exposed to a mounting wave of break-ins by Jewish settlers in the next few weeks.

“The extremist Jewish groups are racing against time to achieve its goal of dividing the Aqsa Mosque between Muslims and Jews as soon as possible, because they feel that the coming stage is not to their advantage especially after the outbreak of revolutions in many Arab countries,” Yakoub added.

“The bet today is on the Arab peoples whose spark of revolutions should reach occupied Jerusalem,” he underscored.

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