#PalHunger | PCSC warns against targeting liberated detainees in Gaza

[ PIC 04/06/2012 – 09:40 PM ]

GAZA,(PIC)– The Palestinian Captives Studies Centre warned against targeting liberated detainees from WB who were released in Wafa Al-Ahrar exchange deal and deported to Gaza.

The center information officer, Riad Ashkar, confirmed that there is a real threat to the ex-detainees where they are subjected to Shin Bet’s campaign which accused the deported detainees of financing and directing resistance operations against the occupation, especially kidnapping Israeli soldiers in order to release the other prisoners who are still jailed. The Israeli General Security Service has linked between the liberated detainees’ presence in Gaza and the increase in the number of operations against the occupation.

Ashkar pointed out that the occupation has launched an incitement campaign against the Palestinian ex-detainees in coordination with the American side where the U.S. Department of Justice announced that it will prosecute the ex-detainees who were released in Wafa Al-Ahrar exchange deal and involved in killing American citizens. However, the Shin Bet’s report has seriously pointed to the big mistake of deporting the liberated detainees to Gaza because they cannot be detained or summoned, the fact that will encourage the occupation to assassinate them.

The occupation has planned previously to re-arrest the freed detainees to complete their earlier sentences, where the lawyer Ahlam Hadad has revealed that there is a military order which was drafted in September 2011 few days before signing the deal which allows the occupation to re-arrest the liberated detainees, Ashkar explained.

The occupation has already arrested eight ex-detainees released in the exchange deal between Hamas and the occupation so far, demanding to complete their previous sentences, the fact that confirms the Israeli decision.

PCSC called on the Egyptian mediator to intervene immediately to protect the freed detainees from the Israeli violations, it also called on the international human rights organizations to clarify their position towards the occupation’s serious intentions against the ex-detainees which may lead to a dangerous escalation in case of implementing it.





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