Hamas: annulment of Oslo accords national necessity

[ PIC 14/09/2012 – 05:47 PM ]

GAZA,(PIC)– Hamas said that cancelling Oslo accords is a national necessity through re-adopting the Palestinian national project for liberation and independence that mainly depends on the resistance option to defend the Palestinian rights.

On the 19th anniversary of Oslo agreement, Hamas said in a statement, that the Oslo Accords and other agreements signed between the PLO/PA and Israel were a serious failure of the PLO, adding that time has come to free the POL from Oslo’s abysmal conditions by renewing the organization’s main aims.

The statement stressed that the Palestinian national reconciliation is based on the national constants, an end to the security cooperation with the occupation, and unite efforts to resist and not only on election which cannot be applied in an atmosphere of PA and Israeli oppression.

At the end of the statement, the movement greeted the Palestinian martyrs and prisoners for their steadfastness and resistance.

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