Zahhar: Arabs must unite against Israeli attacks on Syria

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Maan News Agency | May 5, 2013

55892_345x230[1]GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Arabs must unite against Israeli attacks on Syria, a senior Hamas official said Sunday.

Mahmoud Zahhar, speaking at the Islamic University of Gaza, said that Israel has attacked Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Palestine and is threatening to attack Iran.

The senior official, who represents a hard-line position within the Islamist movement, appealed to Egypt, Turkey and Iran to stop the bloodshed in Syria and work towards a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

“If there was an Islamic awareness that united all nationalities and races, Israel wouldn’t exist in the first place,” Zahhar added.

“Today, Arabs are afraid of Persians, Persians are afraid of Turkey, and Turkey is afraid of the whole world. That is why Israel has the courage to attack Palestine and Syria.”


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