Al-Aqsa Mosque has to go down? My ‘2 Cents’ on what is needed to unite the Ummah ~ by @occpal


2.1 Billion Muslims.

And still this ummah does not know nor want to unite against slavery of dominion of those who ONLY want worldly greed…

I hope EVERY SINGLE ‘MUSLIM’ who raised his hand towards another get’s HIT by KNOWLEDGE he’s ONLY serving oppressors & colonial lobbyists…

You finally achieved to become the cheap slave who spills his own brothers blood while those inciting it sit cheering on a couch praising you….

Nov 7, 2013 by occpal

The word is out.
It was reported this morning that the IOC announced dividing Al-Aqsa will cause a religious war.

Duly noted and causing me an immediate state of outrage. While this ummah is inflicting itself with the signs of the hour by competing in building structures, it takes a holy place to be be divided to unite this ummah.

Not the 65 year ongoing genocide and the people of Palestine and the Holy City of Al-Quds.

king-david-bombing-massacre-israel-palestine-m01707Never minding the fact that even before any establishment of the so called ‘Jewish state of Israel’ zionist terror-gangs like Irgun Zvei Lumi committed massacres since 1937 and “Black Sundays” in Jerusalem.

Bombed the shit out of the King David Hotel  killing 91 innocent people even before it’s very ‘Jewish State’ existence.

And you still are talking ‘terrorism’ if resistance of Palestine defends it’s land and all of Muslims’ and Islam’s holy place: Al-Quds. Where is your knowledge of history and facts?

Some seem to forget when the Quraysh, Banu Khazao, Banu Bakr occupied Makkah, the Prophet ﷺ on Ram 20, 8 went forth, UNITED & conquered it. Non violent even. To end in 2013 with the announcement of an upcoming ‘religious war’ after the new Qibla has been instated some time ago while no one was paying attention and the collective Islamic world is bowing it’s head to the shahawaat of a zionist oppressor.

The Big Sell-Out

balfourNever mind the negligence of the Islamic nation on the event of the  big Arab and UK sell-out of Falasteen with the aid of the Balfour Declaration. 96 years later, sill having impact on Palestinians (Muslim and Christian) daily lives in an ongoing and silenced genocide and ethnic cleansing.

Not even limited to  the living ones!  “Israel” tries to eradicate by all means – violent and non-violent by proxy – even the very existence of Palestinians and the Islamic heritage and identity.

Even of the dead ones.

It might not have been mentioned in your travel brochure or your local newspaper but Israel is even ethnic cleansing death of Christian and Muslim Palestinians, including historical graves of the sahaba for the sake of a “Museum of Tolerance“.

What really goes on behind Israel’s Facade

Nov 18, 1990. The Chief rabbi Lubavitch complaints himself to Netanyahu that after all ‘efforts’ whatsoever, nothing has changed for the Messiah hasn’t come yet and urges ‘Bibi” to speed up the coming of the “King Messiah”.

He’s still on that one. Creating all self-fulfilling prophecies, pretexts, conditions and context to ensure he keeps his promise aided bu merely zionist owned media to prevent you from knowing what really goes on behind the facades of the Holy City of Jerusalem.

It’s not about dividing Stupid! It’s about eradicating!

Map_of_Occupation_PalestineIt might have slipped your attention how ethnic cleansing of everything Palestinian, including its people, churches and mosques has been undertaken by “Israel”.

This map gives a “pretty” insight in the magnitude of cleansing Palestine out until it’s very soil. Every red dot on this map shows one of Palestine’s towns. Vanished from earth.

This “process” did not stop in 1948. It goes on, even the very moment you read this post. Although Kerry is now condemning settlements, US decided in .. Israel’s occupation was illegal. The United Nations also know since 2005 about the so called ‘relocation’ of 70.000 bedouin Palestinians made homeless every single day as it will today and tomorrow as well. Until they all are gone too.

On daily basis your brother, sisters and their children are made homeless by eviction, demolition, made refugee or just by genocide. And so will be eradicated the worshipers of Al-Aqsa by the major zionist plan to remove Al-Aqsa from the very face of earth as well.


Al-Aqsa is under Attack!

All for the sake of the “messianic” temple, as described in Ezekiel’s prophecy. Going on every minute of the day also when you are asleep and stay idle. You watch it:

You can forget all details

The name of the game is called Erasing Palesine

israel_Propaganda_Masquarades_News[1]Bibi and his unholy cohorts are still on the promise they made to Rabbi Lubavitch. And while all buttons are being pushed to keep you ignorant, kill the messengers (from a former ‘Messiah’ up till those of the press or even the simple activists); to distract you with the illusion there is something going on called ‘peace-process’ there is only a sole process going on: The Zero-state for Palestine-Process

And while the pious and benevolent of the Islamic society donate sadaqa to projects in Palestine the whole ummah which seldom reach their purpose – and if so – are destructed and eradicated with the same speed as which the money came over

Forget your ‘aid’

Palestine does NOT need your philantrophy!

Palestine needs human rights and international law enforced on it’s disengaged occupier called ‘Israel’ which eradicates Palestine, Islamic places and literally all else which is not complying with the zionist mindset or “DNA” for Jewishness alone is not even a factor as it sterilizes even it’s own black Jewish migrants. Not only runs the largest open air prison in this world called Gaza and Christians are abused as well for all “What Would Jesus Not Do.”

Watch the movie: Donor Opium

It’s not even about a “Jewish State”!


Tens of thousands orthodox Jews protested in Manhattan against Israeli ‘Laws”

Tens of thousands orthodox Jews protest in Manhattan for refusing to serve this unholy Israeli plans without getting any significant media attention.

And a very lonely and muted fight also for any true Jew who does not agree with the zionist concept.

Yes people. Even Jews are under attack. As Palestinians are silenced, the righteous among the Jews are attacked as well for protesting the zionist scheme to become part of a similar ideology which once used to be imposed on their ancestors in WWII.

hate-zionism-not-jewsReminding that,  true Judaism factually has co-existed with Islamic and Christian religious people throughout centuries in Palestine and in peace until the establishment of the zionist state of Israel without any need of manipulating the world, without any need of another religious war as is announced now. The true Jewish ‘war’ against zionism lasts already for over 130 years: The 130 Year Record of Religious Jewish Opposition to Zionism

No King Messiah/Maahdi has come yet

But all true religious people of this world making a shame out of themselves by factually enabling the ongoing annexation of not only land called Palestine, but of morals, lives, not only in Palestine but keep funding aggression which is causing deprivation and deploring social security into the tiniest holes on earth affecting every single on of us.

When will you wake up?

Whether you are shocked by my words or not. The facts remain that your paycheck is looted from tax which is enabling global disorder and paying those who collaborate in funding chaos. For there is no profit in peace.


Click to enlarge the cost of war

In stead you love to be distracted by the nonsense dished by mainstream media who silences every form of misery and atrocities in this world, like if they even can or ought to decide if you can stomach such or not. It does not change the reality on the ground.And one day it will hit you too, even if it is your wallet and the food or dentist treatment you cannot buy for your children anymore.

Ignorance is no option in 2013

Although Zionism does it’s utter efforts to keep you all ignorant, even spends millions on it’s propaganda to keep all the above a ‘big secret’, knows to ‘inspire’ it’s holy web-warriors with a louzy 92 dollar an hour fee to distract you even more from reality: Jihad (for those who do not know the real definition click here) seems to have become the most forgotten obligation in this Islamic world.

My major concern: 2.1 Billion muslims who neglect to act against the root of the evil which lies beneath this 65 year long misery and destruction of holy places, for which we now apparently need a ‘Holy War’ yet how will that look like if the majority of this 2.1 Billion people even daily neglect their Fard al-‘Ayn

I will tell you how it will look like.

You will all be crying and repenting in tears when seeing the Aqsa mosque collapsed on your beautiful TV set, boycott some agreements for the time  of anger which will be overturned again so all goes back to the status quo of an Ummah in loss until it changes it’s own state for Allaah SWT/G-d/God will not do this until you make these changes yourself.

But as long as our ‘leading’ ‘Ulama bother about women driving, make sure beheadings are noticed by bungling decapitated bodies out of helicopters, and genocides in Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Myanmar, Pakistan, Afghanistan go ‘unnoticed’, are ‘tolerated’, silenced and forgotten, hence, even funded by our own ignorance, money or in-actions: In this case it would be a sad conclusion that it would take Aqsa to collapse to shake all awake to unite. Although I sincerely pray this will not be required to unite this world against the crimes committed by Israel against entire humanity.

May Allaah SWT guide us all. And may Allaah SWT open our eyes and turn the hearts so we will see the suffering of our brothers and sisters first before penning up articles about upcoming holy wars.

The true war is Jihad. The best form of Jihad: The conquest of ourselves. Start improving this neglected obligation today and start your fight against any harm done to your brothers and sisters, the children and so the future.

True religion is in the soul and in the actions. Unregarded how you call your God or how you perceive him. And for those who does not believe in any God at all: Common sense and conscience do not allow you to stay ignorant nor idle against the destruction of humanity which can be easily saved without another war. For it does not cost nothing else but intentions and tolerance.

After that bothering about a building.

For if Al-Aqsa can be saved: You will not have enough time to repent in there to explain and ask forgiveness of Allaah SWT why you neglected to act for your brothers and sisters first before waging a war over a mosque which is being disassembled now, slowly, for over decades while you did not speak out.

إن الإنسان لفي خسر
إلا الذين آمنوا وعملوا الصالحات وتواصوا بالحق وتواصوا بالصبر

Surat Al-`Aşr (The Declining Day) – سورة العصر

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