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Boycott roundup: activists mark holidays with boycott carols and victories


Arab MPs Condemn US Objection to Taking Palestinian Issue to UNSC


Jewish Extremist Detained After Trying to Enter Al Aqsa


Abbas faces ‘power grab’ by key rival


The Brutalization of the IDF


Ramallah Online: Zionist lobby’s new orders for Obama


Ramallah Online: Urgent Appeal from Cindy Corrie


Ramallah Online: The IDF and Christmas in the Holy Land


Higher Islamic council files petition against plans to Judaize Buraq square


High-speed train project to entrench occupation






Mounadil al Djazaïri: Interdiction de louer ou de vendre à des non Juifs, la pseudo condamnation du rabbin Yoshiyahu Pinto

Racial discrimination – a tool of occupation


The Devil’s in the Discourse


Palestinian Statehood to be Decided by UN? | Fog City Journal


Impounded American Aid on Gaza Freedom Flotilla Now Set for Delivery to Gaza


The Electronic Intifada Campaign: Help keep our reporting strong in 2011


How Europe aids the occupation: David Cronin interviewed


WikiLeaks hints at Israeli-Palestinian cooperation


What WikiLeaks tells us about Argentina and Palestine


Abbas, Blair Discuss Mideast Peace Process


QF Hosts a Two-Day Fly-in Program for Palestinian Students


“Abbas wanted Israel to attack Hamas after coup, WikiLeaks cable hints” (via @kleptomik) #collaborators


Seattle buses to carry ‘Israeli war crimes’ ads


PFLP welcomes Bolivia recognition of statehood


Waqf: Police detain mentally ill man at Al-Aqsa


Cables show US doubts on Mideast peace


Wikileaks cable confirms Abbas PA collaboration with occupier to overthrow Hamas (we knew this, just extra details)


Israel destroys Palestinian shops


Jerusalem man says he’ll demolish own home


Palestine Goes It Alone


PALESTINE needs Knowledgeable People


Political repression in Silwan


Israel Ramps Up Repression of Non-Violence in East Jerusalem


New post: Israel Ramps Up Repression of Non-Violence in East Jerusalem!/ibnezra/status/16895716060307456


WikiLeaks cable: Shin Bet chief called Palestinian counterpart ‘psychopath’,7340,L-4001917,00.html


DFLP delegation to leave Gaza for Damascus


Son of MP Abu Jehaisha wounded during pursuit by PA militias


Last Call for a Peaceful Settlement


Erdogan: Turkey still demands apology from Israel


Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle never extinguishes


Sneak Peak: The editors’ note from The Goldstone Report: The Legacy of the Landmark Investigation of the Gaza conflict


“Abbas wanted Israel to attack Hamas after coup, WikiLeaks cable hints” (via @kleptomik) #collaborators


A tale of 2 websites


Israeli Government Slams Human Rights Report


IDF soldier says he was victim of attempted kidnap near Jerusalem


Dr. Moshen Mohammed Saleh – The Palestinian Authority and the Problem of Reform under the Occupation

Character Witnesses Testify in Trial of Palestinian Human Rights Defender Ameer Makhoul


‘STL indictment, US-Israeli conspiracy’


Olive Trees and the ‘Feminisation’ of Poverty at a Jordan Bazaar


Israel’s Military Announces Deployment of New ‘Windbreaker’-Enabled Tanks Along Gaza Border


Israel must grant Gaza justice


Israel fears that US may not rush to use UN veto


DFLP wing fires ‘3 mortars’ at Israel base


Palestinian dead join the land-claim cause


Asian convoy to break Gaza siege to land in Syria Monday


IOA forces Jerusalemite to raze his own home


Akiva Eldar vs. AIPAC and “self-loving Jews”


Arab League says Israeli escalation is a result of “international silence”


IOF terrorize family of administrative detainee for his refusal of exile offer


Haneyya government condemns IOF murder of five Palestinians


Palestinian worker injured in IOF shooting


Bahar discuses means of supporting Gaza with Yemeni speaker


Israel’s Security Barrier Presents Irony for Palestinian Workers–112178439.html


Report: US officials arrive in Israel


Memorial erected in Spain to commemorate Mavi Marmara martyrs


Gaza: 2 crossings to operate partly


Nablus: Israel gives villagers 24 hours to hit the road before leveling Tana


3 Fatah affiliates seized in Nablus raid


Egypt arrests 4 citizens over spying for Israel


Silwan minor sent to house arrest


Hamas Militia Holds Khan Yunes Governor


Turkey unhappy with Israel-Cyprus deal


Palestinian Worker Moderately Wounded In Northern Gaza


Dr. Moshen Mohammed Saleh – The Palestinian Authority and the Problem of Reform under the Occupation






PULSE: Gaza Youth Breaks Out


Annie’s letters: Al Hanouneh – protecting the collective Palestinian memory


Annie’s letters: Hamas in dispute with UN over school trips for Palestinian pupils


Annie’s letters: Mideast journalists want bigger EU role in conflict


Israeli army destroys buildings, intensifies its checkpoints in Hebron



Palestinian Information Communications Technology Capacity Building Initiative




Israeli army shoots worker in Gaza


Israeli army detains 3 Palestinians in Nablus


Palestinian workers protest in Ertah military checkpoint


Israel opens Gaza’s commercial crossings, enters 20 new cars


Israeli at center of Kosovo organ trafficking scandal


Human Rights Watch: Under Discriminatory Policies, Settlers Flourish, Palestinians Suffer


The Political Dynamics of a Collapsed Peace Plan


Palestine: Israeli troops invade hospital near Bethlehem


Is an independent Palestinian state “inevitable”?


OIC and the Recent Resolution of the US Congress About Palestinian State


Facing death on Gaza’s border


Israel’s unequal policy slammed


Almost 100 Gaza Laborers Shot this Year for Collecting Rocks


America’s self-loving Jews aren’t helping Israel


U.S. Envoys Arrives In Tel Aviv To “Restart Talks”


OIC Group at the United Nations Condemns Israeli Settlement


Israel upgrades tanks along Gaza Strip


She returned to Gaza after 62 years of exile


63 Years of Occupation is enough | Free Palestine: Please Help Us Save Hadil Dalo’s life – Palestine


Imprisonment or assassination or deportation – Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades « 63 Years Occupation is.


Three more Latam countries ‘are ready to recognize’ a Palestine state


Shlomo Sand: Challenging notions of a Jewish People


Gaza Aid Flotilla


Voting game Palestine – Israel


11 more families in Occupied West Bank are ordered to leave their homes inside 24 hours. Where is the U.S.?


Israel/West Bank: Separate and Unequal


‘Israeli War Crimes’ signs to go on Metro buses


Giving up on an Israeli-Palestinian settlement is simply not an option


The Great Islamophobic Crusade: my investigation into the campaign against American Muslims (& Israel lobby’s role)


Don Emmerich’s Peace Blog: Has WikiLeaks Violated the Espionage Act?


PULSE: Obama’s Israel Policy: Speak softly and carry a very big carrot


Annie’s letters: The Daily Star – Opinion Articles – Giving up on an Israeli-Palestinian settlement is simply not an option


au jour le jour, Gaza: L’insoutenable lourdeur de l’être


PULSE: War in the Borderlands


Racism, Rabbinical and Otherwise


IDF to deploy super-armored tanks along Gaza border


’10 EU states to upgrade PLO missions’


The House votes Netanyahu again, but is AIPAC losing its mojo?


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